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Thread: Can't keep anything down

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    Woke up today with horrible stomach pains and have been throwing up all afternoon. I've had dry toast, water, and 7up and nothing will stay down. DH is watching DS (6 m.o.) and bringing him to me to nurse as usual. Just wondering how long I can go without drinking/eating anything before it will affect my supply. This is just awful...
    Thanks for any advice!

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    Sorry to hear you're unwell, mama!

    Your question is very hard to answer. Some moms find that illness really hurts their supply, and hurts it quickly, while other moms remain relatively unaffected. It probably depends on how sick a mom is, how her overall supply is, and whether or not she can manage to remain hydrated- all very variable variables.

    Just nurse on demand, try to stay hydrated, and your supply should be okay. It may take a temporary hit, leading to baby nursing more often in order to bring it back up, but it won't disappear as long as you avoid supplementing.

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