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Thread: How to tell when baby is hungry?

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    I offer every 2-3 hours whether he asks (or when he was younger acted hungry) or not. Mostly before he was 6 months or so I would notice a supply dip if I let him go much longer. Nothing tragic but I assumed it was a sign I needed to offer more frequently. If he refused of course that was fine too.

    The only problem I ever had was that my kid is weird about NIP. he'd really prefer to nurse lying down in the bed, although he nursed at parks and stuff all summer. Basically any distraction upsets him. Unfortunately I've had episodes where he won't nurse before we leave but starts crying for milk on the freeway stuck in traffic. That completely sucks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*kbcross View Post
    He chews on his hands 90% of the time so that's not a very good indicator.
    Wyatt does the same thing and everyone always thinks that he is always hungry. Even when he has just eaten.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*wiggle.bug View Post
    When my DS wants to nurse, he gets *active*. He wants to be held, but he's so incredibly wiggly. I should add that he's normally really wiggly, but when he wants to nurse, he won't tolerate being put down. It's like he's trying to get my attention.
    That's so fascinating! None of the articles I found using Google said anything about "wiggly".

    I've been watching his behavior very carefully the last few days and think I might have noticed that if he's laying on his back, if he's hungry he keeps trying to roll over, almost as if he's trying to root to the ground.

    Also, it seems like sometimes he blows bubbles (foams at the mouth!) when he's hungry.

    This has been a good exercise in baby reading! Thanks to all who chimed in with your experiences.

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