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Thread: questions about bfing beyond 1

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    I agree about cutting down or cutting out pumping around a yr. You just keep nursing and let your baby/toddler decide when they want to nurse. It's a lot more fun and relaxing after the first year, at least in my experience, because you don't worry as much about how much they're getting. When my daughter got proficient with solids and drinking water or whatever, it seemed to take pressure off me since I had low supply. Now she's almost 2.5 yrs old and loves to nurse, it has really helped us get her to settle down for naps, any time she wants comfort, after getting an owie or anything. As for family or people who aren't supportive you learn to ignore them or just not really mention that you're nursing if your toddler doesn't ask to nurse when you're in front of them.
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    I understand your question.. I too am feeling somewhat conflicted on whether or not to continue for over a year, but cutting back to just 2 feedings has been wonderful, I still get to spend time bonding and cuddling and also get him to sleep better at night. Hang on to some as much as you can, even a little bit will help with his health over the long term.
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    Thank you for the info. Part of my not wanting to nurse much past 1 (previously) was because I was looking forward to not pumping anymore. I hate pumping. I worry if I stop, though, and give him coconut or almond milk (we aren't giving him cow's milk) that I won't be able to nurse him on demand on my days off. I currently work 8-10 hours 3 days a week and 4 hours on the 4th. I would like to be able to still nurse him on demand without having to pump more than once (none if I can) on the days I work. Right now I only pump twice. Since he doesn't eat at night either now, I worry about my supply going down. Any advice here? The idea of pumping for another year sounds very discouraging.
    Just to be clear, I was not suggesting you would need to pump so your caregiver could give your toddler your breastmilk when you are at work. Some moms do pump at work into toddlerhood, some don't. Most at least reduce pumping, certainly. But I mentioned giving the toddler expressed breastmilk because I was just trying to imagine under what scenario your sitters would even be aware you were still nursing. Because if they are going to give you a hassle about it, one way to deal with that is to not let them know.

    As far as your milk suppy going down-yes, if you are not having breast milk removed as regularly, your supply will begin to go down. On the one hand, this is simply the natural weaning process, and expected as your baby moves into toddlerhood & begins to increase intake of solid food anyway. On the other hand, (and this depends on a moms supply in general and how much you child nurses when you are together) when a mom is separated from her child on a regular basis and not pumping then this process may be speeded up a bit. But you are best off doing what works best for you. Certainly, if you hate pumping, that would be a barrier to you continuing to breastfeed. So it would likely be a better choice for you to stop pumping and enjoy nursing your toddler without that encumbrance. But certainly, wean off the pumping slowly so you don't get engorged.

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