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Thread: lopsided boobies

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    Red face lopsided boobies

    I noticed after a day of cluster feeding that my left breast is now significantly smaller than my right one. I know this can be normal but does it mean that it is producing less milk? Do I need to nurse more on that side? Has anyone that's had this problem had theirs go back to being even? hopefully this won't last forever, I want to look normal heehee
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    Yes. Block nurse on the smaller side until until they even out. So nurse twice on the smaller side for every one side on the bigger side. You should be able to get them to even out in a couple of days. HTH!

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    And sometimes, nothing works I'm in that position, and I figure if someone is staring hard enough to figure out I have two different sized breasts, they have more issues than I need to know about
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