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Thread: Help purchasing a breast pump

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    I am 38 weeks pregnant and I want to Breast feed for sure but we are on a very tight budget, wondering ikf anyone knpws of a place that rents breast pumps or gives them away, or gives a good discount..? Help!

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    Are you planning to go back to work? How long after your baby is born? If you're staying home, you probably won't need a pump (or you can get a cheap one), and if you do, you can worry about that then.

    For most working moms, you need a good pump, and it's not cheaper to rent a pump for 8 months than it is just to buy a good quality double electric for about $300. However, some of the rental pumps are really high quality (hospital grade) and that can be a HUGE help if you are struggling with supply, etc. But for most people it's not a savings.

    Do you qualify for WIC? They offer free, excellent pumps, I believe.

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    with the PP. The type of pump you'll need depends on how you'll be using it. If you're going to stay home with your baby, and are just planning on pumping once and a while for a sitter, you can get away with a cheap pump. If you're going back to work, you want a good double electric.

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    Even if you are not going back to work, do see if you qualify for WIC. If you are breastfeeding, (and you qualify financially) you can get nutritional support for you as well as breastfeeding support. One of the moms on here is a lactation consultant who works for them and could give you more information.
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