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Thread: Ditched the shield!! Now green poops. :(

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    Unhappy Ditched the shield!! Now green poops. :(

    Hi mommies! I'm new on here. I have a 10 week old. We just recently weaned from a nipple shield about 2 weeks ago. When on the shield LO had "normal" looking bm (yellow, orangeish) And had only a bit of gas. Normal I know. Well now that we have ditched the shield her poos are now green and is much more gassier and a bit fussier. I know this means too much fore milk but she won't stay latched for more than 5 mins. I've waited it out a bit thinking she'll get the hang of nursing w/out the shield but everything looks fine when she's latched. No soreness and she takes the breast well. Should I still wait it out or should I see a LC. She's been gaining good weight and has enough wet diapers. Not a lot of poos though. Maybe everyother day. I'm lost. I tried so hard to ditch the shield thinking things would be easier but now I'm worried. Any advice is appreciated!! T.I.A

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    Have you tried putting her back to the same breast when she signals she's hungry after one of those five minute feeds? If you put her back on the same breast a couple times before switching, she'll hopefully get more hind milk. Start slow, just putting her back to the same breast for a two hour period or so and then switching, and then lengthen that block if the poops are still green. If at any point your baby seems really hungry and wanting the other side, you can switch. It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

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    Welcome and congrats on the new baby, and also on weaning from the shield! Doing so was the right step, IMO, even if it means you might need to do some further tinkering with your nursing strategy.

    A lot of what you're seeing sounds normal. The diaper output is normal, which is great- and it is normal for a baby who is >6 weeks old to go up to a week, sometimes more, in between poops. 5 minute feedings are totally normal when diaper output is normal. They may be faster than you're used to, but that's probably in part because you ditched the shield (shields tend to slow milk flow).

    5 minute feedings are normal, but they're at the fast end of normal. Coupled with the green poops, they make me think that you may have an issue with milk oversupply. Oversupply can cause green poops, fast feedings (the more milk there is the easier it is for the baby to get it out), and may cause the baby to dislike comfort nursing (the long periods of non-nutritive sucking that many babies indulge in at the end of a feeding). Do you ever see any of the following:
    - frequent breast engorgement or feelings of "fullness"?
    - baby coughing, choking, gagging, spluttering, or making a clicking or clucking noise while nursing?
    - baby pulling off the breast or clamping down on the nipple while nursing?
    - milk streaming or squirting from the breast if the baby pulls off?
    - pumping multiple oz of milk with ease (if you are pumping)?

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