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Thread: is it too late to try to latch?

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    Default is it too late to try to latch?

    I have been exclusively pumping now for four months. it was just more convenient with my two part time jobs and a full time student. At first i tried to get my LO to latch on but after giving him the bottle with my milk he never wanted to go back to the boob. I have about a month and half break from school and work now. for the last couple of weeks my milk supply has been dwindling down to 8-16 oz a day. now that i can be home all day i want to stop EP and start breastfeeding but I feel like its too late. especially since i am having to supplement with formula because of my decreasing milk supply. ive tried to get him to latch on but he flat out refuses. should i keep trying? if what can i do to be most successful? or should i just throw in the towel? i dont think i can last much longer pumping?

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    Can you visit a support group or arrange a visit from your local bf supporter? I think that would be best, so they could actually have a look see what is going on. In the meantime, I'd just keep trying. Relax, keep your breasts accessible, have a bath, that sort of thing...and see what happens. I hope somebody can help you. Please speak to your local LLL leader or support group.

    Good luck x

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    Default Re: is it too late to try to latch?

    It is possible to get your baby to latch again, but there are no guarantees. It may happen, it may not. This link covers getting a baby back to the breast: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...to-breast.html. And this one covers increasing supply when pumping: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p..._decrease.html

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    Default Re: is it too late to try to latch?

    It is possible. There have been babies who latch at that age. But....it's not guaranteed, and it is not easy. I'm trying with my baby, now that he could nurse, and it's not going well.

    And your dwindling supply mphas me concerned. Come to the pumping forum, lower down the page, and let's troubleshoot.
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