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Thread: Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LOTS?

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    Default Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LOTS?

    My little girl, now 25 months, STILL asks to nurse MANY times during the day (at night too, from 3:00 am on...). Is this normal? I thought she'd only want to a couple times a day. Anyone out there with a child this age and/or older that has a similar experience?

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    Default Re: Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LO

    Mine nursed like that. She didn't cut back until around 3 1/2 when I finally insisted because I couldn't stand it anymore. Up until that point, she was content to sit and nurse all day long for hours at a time.

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    Default Re: Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LO

    I have a 32 month old who askes to nurse frequently thru the day and overnight. I figure she asks casue she needs it, be it nutrition or security or comfort...whatever it is, and as long as she needs it she will get it! (I say that now, lets see when she is 5...lol)

    you are SOOOO not alone
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    Default Re: Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LO

    Ds is 23.5 months and he nurses what feels like all.the.time! Last night from 4 am on. I notice, though, that he nurses more often when he's not feeling well, or on the weekends when we are home all day.
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    Default Re: Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LO

    when my ds was that age he was nursing about 10 times in 24 hours.

    If you want to set limits don't feel bad mama Setting limits often makes nursing more enjoyable for mama. Some mothers try to cut out nursing sessions, while others try to get long sessions into shorter ones. That's what we did - we shortened some of the really lengthly sessions during the day. Letting them know that you will nurse for a certain number of rounds of their favourite song is a good way to try to get them to understand a time limit. Our song was twinkle twinkle. When I was feeling done I would say "okay we are almost finished nursing, after I sing twinkle twinkle we are going to go play with your blocks"...

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    Default Re: Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LO

    My son is 32 months and still nurses often. More so when we are home. They will wean eventually, even though it feels like that will never happen! I remind myself how much I'll miss it.
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    Default Re: Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LO

    I have a 26 month old and he still nurses a lot. I'm actually separated from him for a few weeks (I'm in the military) and when I went home for Thanksgiving after being apart for 2.5 weeks he nursed even more than usual. Pretty much constantly! Before I left he was still nursing a lot, but I had managed to get him down to fewer sessions. I thought maybe he would wean while I'm gone, but apparently not!

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    Default Re: Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LO

    My Mollie is right over 25 mo and nurses 8-10 times a day - mostly thru the night. It's getting a little irritating, especially at night when I want to sleep on my right side and she's on my left and wants to nurse. Like "momtodom", I try to remind myself how once it's gone, it's gone.
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    Default Re: Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LO

    You are not alone. I have a 25 month old who would be content to nurse 24/7. Its annoying : ) But I keep telling myself he is going to wean eventually and I will miss him wanting to snuggle with me all the time... SIGH.. lol

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    Default Re: Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LO

    I'm dealing with this right now. DD is 25 mo. She nursed through my pregnancy with my now DS 2 mo. Just before he was born she nursed only 3-4 times per day. Now, she wakes every hour at night screaming for it and nurses 2-3 during the day. I want to scream myself, and sometimes I do. She often nurses more than DS. I feel like I've tried everything to have her cut back, but no improvement. She refuses to eat if I limit nursings, which makes life harder. I am so tired, my house is disgusting, and I hardly have time to get us fed. I know eventually she will change, but I need a change NOW! arg!
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