So excited that my son who will be 15 months on the 13th of Dec has been sleeping 6-7 hour stretch at night! WOOOHOOO!!!! Just the other week he was nrsing like a newborn due to a molar and more teeth coming in. I unfortunately am not STTN as I still find myself waking every 2-3 hours After a couple wakings I go in and check on him. He starts the night in the crib. It used to be that he would be in bed with me shortly after I went to bed (usually about 2-3 hours after he went to bed). Since he sleeps so long he spends the majority of the night in his crib. Sometimes he is a little restless for the remaining few hours of sleep but I am so proud of him to reach this milestone. I wish I could say I enjoy the long stretch but I am still waking up alot because my body has become so accustomed to it. I do feel more rested though because I just drift back to sleep right away. So to all you moms out there that think that their baby will never give them a long stretch, it will happen when they are ready. I do not believe in CIO and did not initiate night weaning(I was about to in another month due to his frequent wakings). This might not last very long but for now I am enjoying it and hope that before he starts waking more again I can actually stay asleep for longer than a few hours.