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Thread: Can day nursing cause nightime problems?

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    Default Can day nursing cause nightime problems?

    My 13 month old still wakes during the night, and can't seem to go back to sleep until he is nursed. He eats solids fairly well during the day, and I'm still nursing him upon waking, before his two naps (and sometimes after) and before bed. My pediatrician says that in the middle of the night he is looking for the comfort and attachment more than food, and if I wean him it will help solve this nighttime issue. Any thoughts? I want to start weaning soon, but this little guy really loves to nurse...

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    You can night-wean without having to day-wean. But even that may not solve your nighttime issue: babies want comfort and attention in the night, and a breastfed baby will seek the breast as part of that. But a weaned baby may still want the same attention and comfort, and need to be rocked or patted or something.

    If you're ready to night-wean, a lot of us have used this method: http://drjaygordon.com/attachment/sleeppattern.html

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