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Thread: Weaning question

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    I also wanted to mention that I think a lot of moms associate clingy behavior with nursing. But now that Joe is actively weaning, it's easier for me to see that in fact, he can be clingy and needy without asking to nurse. Now, when he was nursing a lot, clinginess was associated with lots of nursing. But NOT nursing hasn't made the clinging any better - sometimes, it seems like Joe is even MORE clingy! So it's good to remember that, nursing or not, babies are demanding and parenting is SUPER hard work. Just my two cents.

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    I'm also somewhat in the same boat and haven't yet decided what to do. My DD is 14 mo and still nursing 4 times a day and is VERY clingy! She just started by a babysitter for 4 hours a day while I'm at work and with me for the rest of the day.
    I don't particularly mind nursing her, though I also don't feel any special closeness with her because of it- but, I would like to wean her in the next couple of months because I am expecting and don't want to nurse once I get a big belly. I tried it while nursing my DS and preg. with this one, and didn't really enjoy it at all!
    My first nursing time to get rid of would definitely be the early morning 5-6 am one- as others said- I wanna sleep! How to do this?! She just refuses to calm down unless nursed. Mind you I don't think she actually goes back to sleep, just plays- but at least its quiet enough for me to sleep!
    Any advice?

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