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Thread: Is the milk bad???

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    Default Is the milk bad???

    Good Morning Ladies! Yesterday I did a stupid thing ...(thankfully only ONE stupid thing...) I forgot to put the milk that I pumped in the fridge after work....and didn't see it until just before I went to bed . It was probably out of the fridge for appr. 8 hours...and wasn't cold when I put it in there....I haven't smelled it...but what do you all think? Is it still ok? I had it in the fridge at work....it's cold outside, but the commute isn't far at all (literally blocks).
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    Default Re: Is the milk bad???

    Honestly, I'd probably sniff it and give it a taste and if it seemed okay I'd let baby try it. If baby spits it out or acts funny about it I'd toss it. If not I'd figure it's alright.
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    Default Re: Is the milk bad???


    If it doesn't smell funky it is fine.
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    I'd use it.
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    Default Re: Is the milk bad???

    I would use it too!
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    I would use it too. I keep my milk at room temperature for ~10 hours while pumping at work, never had an issue.
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