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Thread: Gagged & Spit Up/Vomited

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    Default Gagged & Spit Up/Vomited

    My daughter is 7 months old, and for the last month I've tried 2-3 times to get her to eat solids (I've tried mushed up banana & sweet potatos, baby cereal, and jarred pears). Same reaction - gagging, spit back out, and a bewildered face. She shows all other signs of readiness - interested in food, can sit up, pincer grasp, etc.

    This is my third kid and I've been involved in LLL since the first, so I know factually that she's OK and that she doesn't really need solids for quite some time. I attended a meeting a few years ago, and the Leader said "LLL recommeds starting solids sometime in the middle of the first year, and if that isn't vague enough to help you then I don't know what is"

    Thank God I don't have any supply issues and she's a good nurser. It's just that I didn't encounter this with my first two so I'm looking for a little re-inforcement that she's OK and that it's OK to put away the food masher and the baby spoons for another month or couple of weeks and try again later.

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    I introduced solids to my DD at 6 months. She gagged on EVERYTHING and the food would just come out. She would even spit up a little breastmilk when she gagged at times. DD is currently ~10 mos. old and she still gags and spits up occasiocally. However, it is a whole lot less. She is chewing her food more instead of just humming while it sits in the middle of her tongue.

    I would also recommend looking into Baby Led Weaning by Gill Rapley. While it makes mealtimes messy, it also makes them fun.

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    You're fine, and your baby is fine, mama. Stick the spoons in the drawer. As my ultra-mainstream pediatrician would tell you, right now breastmilk meets all your baby's nutritional needs and until age 1 solids are just for fun and for experimenting with new tastes, textures, and motor skills.

    My second kid had a fairly sensitive gag reflex. IMO, the baby-led approach the PP mentioned was perfect for her. It allowed her to control how much went into her mouth, and also to control where the food landed. I think that for some kids, spoon-feeding can place the food a bit too far back in their mouths, and that can increase the chances of them gagging.

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