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Thread: Odd head twisting behavior

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    Default Odd head twisting behavior

    My DS is almost 3 months old and has developed a new oddball behavior while nursing, starting yesterday I think. I use a nursing pillow with DS lying on his side with his tummy facing me. This is the only position that works for us because of my very large breasts.

    Anyway... what he's been doing lately is he will nurse for a little while, and then start doing this repeated head twisting thing... for example if he is lying on his right side nursing on my left breast, he will repeatedly turn his head to his right (towards the pillow) and delatch in the process. He does this over and over and over... relatching and then a few seconds later twisting his head off.

    The strangest thing about it is, he does not seem to be fussy or bothered/frustrated in any way. He seems perfectly calm when he does this. If he seemed upset, then I would automatically assume he doesn't like something (like my letdown, etc). Instead, it seems like some sort of weird behavior quirk he's developed.

    He started doing it on my right boob today too... he was twisting his head in the same direction (to his right) regardless of which side he was lying on.

    What's most frustrating about this is that I'm still stuck using nipple shields because he refuses to nurse without them. So each time he twists his head off like this, I have to fiddle with the nipple shield. Over..and over...and over...and over.

    He does not do this at every nursing session (yet????) but it drives me crazy when he does and eventually I have to put a stop to the nursing session altogether. I tried just giving him a break for a few minutes, but he went right back to the head twisting when I put him back on.

    Also, switching boobs does not always work... for long. And it's not a question of whether or not he's getting milk...I see milk in the nipple shield when he twists off.

    Any suggestions, or explanations???

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    Default Re: Odd head twisting behavior

    At this age, babies are really exploring their bodies and figuring out how things work. It takes a while to realize that if you kick against mama really hard, you pop the boob out of your mouth. And that if you turn your head, the breast might not go with you. My first guess would be normal experimentation, rather than anything wrong here.

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    Default Re: Odd head twisting behavior

    I would also guess that this is normal experimentation with a new level of body control. Have you tried nursing without the shield? This link may help you wean from using one: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/concerns/...an-shield.html

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    Default Re: Odd head twisting behavior

    Does your nursing pillow have a rounded top, so it curves down where it comes in contact with your body? (Bobbys and similar shaped pillows have this curve, My Breast Friend does not.) So when he turns his head does his nose go into that dip? I have seen babies 'roll' into that dip & pull off the nipple. A solution is to try a different pillow or try to position without a pillow, or, take a small towel or blanket, roll it up, and fill in the crevice.

    3 months, he is likely getting bigger, and thus trying some new postions may be in order. Babies sometimes 'outgrow' moms favorite position before mom is ready to move on I have found.

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