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Thread: Baby 11.5 months, am I drying up?

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    Default Baby 11.5 months, am I drying up?

    My baby is 11.5 months now. Started some solids around 7 months. From the past 1 week, I feel like I am drying up and need help figuring out what to do about it. These are the signs for which I feel I am drying up:

    1. When baby nurses, he tries sucking for some time. But because of no milk coming out (I think), he either lets go without crying and gets busy playing or just does comfort sucking.

    2. I am a SAHM but I pump twice a day after nursing. During both times, I am hardly getting any milk now, barely enough to cover the base of the bottles.

    3. Baby used to poop 1-3 times a day. But since last 4 days he is going once every other day, and that too like pellets.

    I don't know whether really I am drying up, I so wanted to continue bf beyond first year . From my diet and lifestyle wise, nothing has changed except I have become much more active since the past 2 weeks and also started little bit of running.

    For baby also, his feeding, nursing schedules have not changed. We co-sleep and he nurses in the night too.

    What are my options now? Should I start cow's milk? My baby is also small, barely 18.5 pounds so am worried now. Please help!

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    Default Re: Baby 11.5 months, am I drying up?

    What is the wet diaper count like? I would use that to determine if he is getting enough. I have a pretty solid supply, but my LO is constipated as all get out! It's a constant battle.

    Does he swallow when he is nursing? That's a good way to tell if he is getting enough.

    If you are pumping AFTER nursing, it would make sense to not get much - wouldn't he have emptied them? If you are pumping to increase supply I'm sure there are moms out there who could give you tips.
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    Default Re: Baby 11.5 months, am I drying up?

    If you are worried about supply dropping, the best advice I've read is to nurse more. I'm a working mom, so I have to pump, but I just don't seem to respond well to the pump and don't get as much as my baby needs during the day, so we have to supplement. Since pumping can boost supply but not necessarily, you could try offering to nurse more if possible. When was the last time you checked your pump? Changed out the valves and membranes? Are you doing breast compressions? That can also really help.

    We also just did deal with a bout of constipation with my little one due to the solids she was getting--she's 7 months and loves solids. We stopped any foods from the BRAT diet and instead gave her prunes, plums, peaches, green veggies, anything that helps decrease constipation, as well as gave her a little more water with her pureed foods. It really helped with the constipation and she's more regular now.
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    Default Re: Baby 11.5 months, am I drying up?

    yes I agree. Milk production is not static. nursing (or pumping) more often will increase milk production at any age, and every pumpiung mom has to be very on top of pump maintenance/trouble shooting. Additionally, you can consider taking galactagogues to help give production a boost.

    The only concerning thing to me in your post is the consistency of the poops. Hard pellets indicates constipation, not (necessarily) that baby is not getting enough milk (although more of your milk into baby of course would help constipation.) But I would also suggest look at baby's solid diet, and maybe add small amounts of water in a cup to be offered while baby has solid "meals" (although when you are home, you could instead offer to nurse right after baby eats.)

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