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    Can you tell me what to take for the flu ( i have) that is safe for my lo.. Gracias

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    How old is your baby? Are you sure it's the flu and not a breast infection? (If you are, sorry, had to ask. Mastitis can feel like the flu.)

    Medicines: Advil or tylenol for fever and aches. Most decongestants are not recommended because they can lower supply, but if your supply is ample, you can try a benedryl and see how it goes (drink plenty of fluids). Make sure to get plenty to drink and keep nursing your baby. Baby will get your antibodies.

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    When I was sick, I took zinc, vitamin c, and very helpful = elderberries (they have lozenges and loose leaf tea). I think I also took echinacea. My homeopath also told me to take fenugreek to help clear my sinuses (yup, it helps with your milk supply, but it also loosens up congestion etc).

    With PP on the lots of fluids bit. Sleep as much as possible too .
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