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Thread: Should I always have a "drunk baby"?

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    Default Should I always have a "drunk baby"?

    At some feeds my LO is the typical "drunk baby" after he finished eating. Other times he unlatches and smiles and talks to me. I try to get him to eat more by offering that breast again and I'll give him the other breast as well. He usually does drink from the other breast if he's smiling at me. But even when he's done with the second breast he'll just smile and coo at me and definitely NOT be a drunk baby. I pick him up to burp him and he's just a happy baby.

    I'm guessing this is normal but I've never heard anyone talk about this. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Should I always have a "drunk baby"?

    I assume by "drunk" you mean sleepy? In any event, yes, it's normal. Sometimes nursing puts baby to sleep, sometimes it wakes them up and gets them going! All reactions are normal.

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    Default Re: Should I always have a "drunk baby"?

    I love that "milk drunk" face that they get. It is so cute. Wyatt definitely get it more at night.
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    Default Re: Should I always have a "drunk baby"?

    Don't expect the "milk drunk" face every time, especially as your baby gets older and more alert and interactive.

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