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Thread: wondering how this works

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    Default wondering how this works

    my LO is only 10 months old, but i am hoping to bf him as long as i can. we are coming up on the 12 month mark in february (it seems like such a long time away, but i know it comes fast) and i think that he will be getting to the point where he doesn't want to nurse as much. he is already very interested in whatever we are eating, but doesn't eat a lot of solids yet. i work part time as a nurse and have been pumping while at work. i am able to pump every 3 hours (thanks to my awesome coworkers) during a 12 hour shift. right now LO is nursing every 2-3 hours and sttn. he has never been the greatest nurser but i treasure all the time we spend bf. it is really a lot of work to get him settled down to nurse for longer than 5 minutes during the day-- i do a lot of standing and bouncing. he is growing slowly but surely and making enough wets and poopies, but i dont know how interested he is going to be to continue nursing once he gets more mobile and is eating more solid food. i know that all babies are different, but i don't want to have to stress about my supply when that time comes (i tend to overthink things). is nursing a toddler something that has to be consistent or can you just nurse whenever baby wants? would i have to continue pumping at work? tia for your answers... just some things i think about while pumping at work. hope this all makes sense!

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    ime my baby was less interested in nursing around 9-10 months and then she got really super interested around 12-13 months, then waned again, and she's really interested again. when she was less interested, she would not demand very often and i would offer. when she was more interested, she demanded when she wanted and i didn't have to worry about nursing, i just relied on her to let me know. i think it depends on your child's personality a little bit, but there were a lot of upswings and downswings in our nursing over time.

    I think nursing a toddler is less stressful overall. If they nurse less, you can make up for the calories with solid food. If they eat less solid food some days, you can make up for it with nursing. Its a win win. I think just play it by ear. I'm sure someone will be along soon with more info about pumping.
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    Default Re: wondering how this works

    I pump weaned Joe around a year and introduced cow's milk to him when I was gone. I just slowly backed off the pumping, pumping once a day for a long time. It was nice because I disliked pumping, but I loved nursing. So toddler nursing was all the good things, minus some of the harder things. WIN!

    Around a year, many children get a lot more interested in nursing! But then it generally tapers off again. It ebbs and flows. You can start to set some limits on nursing with a toddler, once they really start to eat solids, when you really can't with a baby. So how much you nurse is more up to you after your baby hits one.

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    Default Re: wondering how this works

    I think it just varies for each child. My daughter got more into comfort nursing when she was 9-10 mos old coming off a very long nursing strike and then as she got more mobile and got little bumps and bruises needed to nurse more. I stopped pumping at work around 15 mos and I never got engorged or uncomfortable. She nurses still 4-8x/day at about 2.5 yrs old now and I initiated night weaning a few mos ago.
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    My son Logan will be 15 months next week. I am a nurse and work 12 hour shifts on saturdays and sundays(weekend program). I started pumping only one time during my shift the month he turned one. I go to lunch anywhere between 11am and 1 pm. I pump at that time. I usually pump between 6 and 9 ounces depending on how he's been nursing that week. Mine went through a bit of a nursing strike around 10 months. He became more interested again the end of 11 months when he got his first cold and ear infection. At 13/14 months there were days he wasn't interested as much but at night he sure made up for it. Now he is much less distracted and find myself not needing to nurse him in a quiet spot as often. Nursing a toddler is very easy. There are many times he comes for a quick nibble. It seems around nap and meal times that he nurses for 10 minutes. He was nursing a lot at night and day the last week or 2 (molars). Last night was amazing because he only nursed a handful of times and very brief and right back to sleep. I will continue to pump my one time a day until his nursing really diminishes. I think when I get to the point of only pumping 3 ounce total I might consider not bringing my pump to work anymore. I work from 6am-6:30pm. In the beginning i pumped 3 times a shift(0900, 1200,1600). By 9/10 months I narrowed it down to (1100 and 1600). In his birthday month I started pumping just once(during lunch). I've had busy days where I can hardly get away for lunch. There was once last month I pumped at 3pm when I finally got lunch and my supply didn't suffer. I was getting full. I believe I pumped 10 ounces or so. I think if you work very part time your pumping becomes a lot more flexible and minimal after a year.
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    Default Re: wondering how this works

    I too, am a nurse that works 12 hr shifts. My son is 2 and we are still nursing. I agree with the other posts.. some days/periods he wants to nurse all the time, sometimes he goes long stretches without nursing. I just let him lead. Because I do work such long hours, I still pump at work at least once during my shift. But never more than twice. I don't mind pumping, honestly, to me its a nice quiet little break. I am afraid that when I stop pumping, my supply will be like nothing because then my body would think we are only "nursing" once in a 24 hour period (when I get home).. But thats me. And like bebedeau, I get full at work!
    I am gone from 5am-9pm on days I work due to my commute/shuttle bus parking situation.
    Maybe someone who lived closer to work could nurse in the am and pm a few extra times with their kiddo and wouldn't necessarily need to pump.

    A coworker RN friend of mine who nursed her son til about 18-19 months stopped pumping at work around a year and only nursed her son x1 a day at night. She said he weaned bc he got frustrated there wasn't much milk there. I guess thats why I keep pumping. I want the choice to be my sons to some degree and not just because I didn't give him much choice? I also like him having at least one serving of breastmilk to drink during the day : )

    Basically it comes down to what YOU want to do. You are doing a wonderful job providing the best for your child and deserve a HUGE pat on the back. At a year, breastfeeding can be whatever YOU guys want it to be. Congrats on making it this far!!!!

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    Default Re: wondering how this works

    Hello! My son is 18 months old and we are nursing 2x's per day now (since about 13 months). I day weaned so I could stop pumping at work. He night weaned himself when he started sleeping through the night - even if he gets up now, he doesn't ask to nurse (I would totally let him if he did ask though, I don't mind night-nursing).

    We nurse when he gets up in the morning and at bedtime. And it's so absolutly PERFECT for us!

    We still get those special times together during our crazy, busy days and he still gets the fantastic breast milk (he's NEVER once been sick in 18 months!).

    He does take a little cow's milk in a cup during the day at grandma's while I am at work.

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