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    I have a 7 month old. We just started him on solids and cereal. My question is...how many times a night should he be waking up to eat? He is waking up 2-3 times per night and I was hoping this would slow down. Thoughts??

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    He's pretty much just getting started with the food. I don't think it will make him sleep any better at this point.

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    There's no "should" at this age. Some babies sleep through by 7 months, some are up 1-2 times a night, and some still wake every couple of hours, just like a newborn does. I know some people will happily tell you that a baby that is X number of months old has no need to eat at night, but how do they know that? There's no science on sleeping through, or on when it's appropriate, developmentally speaking, for that to happen.

    One thing that is known is that solids don't help with night-waking. That's an old wives tale (sadly).

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    Joe was up 6-7X a night at that age. I really think it's more about your baby's temperament than food intake. Joe did eventually learn to settle himself to sleep without nursing, on his own time, but it took a while. For us, the time between 6 months and a year was the hardest for sleep. Probably didn't help that Joe got 12 teeth in that time.

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    b/t 7-9 months i really saw a change in my baby and the amount of sleep he got at night. he went from a consistent two times a night to just one and now at 9+ months he is usually sleeping 7:30-5 and then he nurses and goes back down until around 7:30. don't know if you co-sleep but we do not and for us it works a lot better. my son now does wake up in the night (i sometimes hear him) he's not crying just moaning or talking and then he is back to sleep. i actually don't even use a monitor b/c when i was hearing his noises i would go to him and i found that he really didn't need me. now if he wakes and is crying or moaning loudly i know he wants me and i go to him. good luck!
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    My baby is 10 month and still gets up atleast 2 times at night if not more. I have even let her cry herself back to sleep but in hour she back so i just feed her. I just give up when she ready she will sleep all night i hope.

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    it still hasn't slowed down for us but i'm hoping it will eventually
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    Good luck. I know how you feel. My DD is 12 months and she nurses every 2 hrs at night. I am so ready for a good nights sleep. Plus I want to wean but everyone just says I should continue.

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    My son was waking every 2 hours when he slept with us, up until 7 months. We decided to sleep train him and he is in his own room all night now. It was hard for me because I would have to get up to feed him instead of keeping him in bed and sleeping. I feed him when he goes down around 7, then before I go to bed at 10:30 or so. Then he doesn't get fed again until 5:30 or 6am. If he wakes in the night my husband goes and tries to soothe him a bit. Its been rough but he is sleeping a lot better now. Today he slept till 8:30am!

    I think its really what works for you. If you are functioning alright with feeding him more often, or having him in your bed, then stick with it. For us, we were getting really on edge with the constant waking and there was a lot of fighting and a generally unhealthy atmosphere in our house... not good for us or baby. So we made a change and it is working for us!
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    Sleeping doesn't have anything to do with food (other than waking from hunger). Sleeping through the night is more of a developmental state. Either he's ready to sleep through or he's not.

    With my girls, they both started to sleep through at 3 months and then stopped at 5 - 6 months. I figure due to teething. They didn't start sleeping through until 15 and 16 months. I found what made it easier was:
    - I stopped looking at the clock. It didn't matter what time it was or how long it had been, baby was up and I needed to be too. If they were still nursing, they still needed to nurse. The nagging clock did nothing to help with that. It only irritated me. So I just stopped looking. It helped.
    - I started nursing laying down. I was able to doze while baby nursed, it made each session pass much easier, I felt much more rested.
    - We started cosleeping. I was able to relax, tend to baby with minimal effort and baby was tended to within seconds.
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