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Thread: Can a 2 year old forget how to nurse?

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    Question Can a 2 year old forget how to nurse?

    So my 2-y-o (who turned 2 in August) is only nursing once a day at the most now. I'm wondering if because he is not nursing on weekends so much anymore, and sometimes we skip days thru the week as well, if maybe he is forgetting how. When I do nurse it is becoming very uncomfortable! He isn't meaning to bite, but there is the odd nibble now and again. Also, it just doesn't feel....right, when he is nursing. It's hard to describe, but it just doesn't feel like that familiar regulated suck. How quickly can a toddler forget how to nurse. Does this mean it's time to forego the afternoon nursing session/nap?

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    Toddlers can definitely forget how to latch and nurse as they transition away from nursing for food and are nursing primarily for comfort. But that doesn't mean it's time to cut out a feeding. If the latch is merely unproductive and is not hurting you, you can feel free to just let your toddler lead the way and drop the feeding when he's ready.
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    My 2.5yo has had a terrible latch since we started dropping sessions. He went from nursing 10-12 times a day at about 2yo, to 4 times a day at almost 2.5yo and down to just once in the past few months. And it starts to really get uncomfortable after about 20 seconds. If it does though, I just tell him "okay, I think that's enough!" And he's happy to end. Right now it's purely a comfort thing for us (although he's still getting some milk), so I'm letting him continue. I figure he'll drop it on his own soon enough.
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    When my DD started skipping days earlier this year her latch because terrible. She would feel so bad and try again and again until we could find some happy medium. It was definitely as if she forgot how do latch right.

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    Yes, my dd's latch became off when I was pg. I am thinking because I had no milk. she weaned a couple weeks before ds was born and after that when she tried sh completely forgot how.
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