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Thread: Looking for research on tongue tie.

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    Default Re: Looking for research on tongue tie.

    Here are some websites I found helpful in "diagnosing" tongue tie:


    My baby has had his tongue clipped twice, the second time just yesterday. We haven't seen any improvement yet, but our motto is 'we live in hope'!! We've endured 4.5 months of painful, frustrating feeding so we literally feel your pain!
    Good luck :-)

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    Default Re: Looking for research on tongue tie.

    I agree with PP to see an IBCLC first and have the LC recommend an ENT. The LC will know which ENTs are better for diagnosing tongue tie. My LC recommended a couple ENTs but both were booked up for a month. So I went to someone else who said she didn't have tongue tie. I told him both my LC and speech language pathologist were of a different opinion. So he looked again, and said, yes, I guess she has a little bit of a tongue tie. He clipped it and it made a world of difference.

    Good luck!

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