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Thread: normal amount to pump

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    My triplets are 3 wks old (still in the NICU) and I'm pumping in addition to nursing them (as much as they can nurse that is). I get about 2, sometimes close to 3 oz per side per pump session. Is this about normal, or should I be getting more.

    Also I have mastitis (for over a week now) and so one side is producing a lot less. For now anyway... they say it will come back.
    Thanks for any advice! (I'm posting this on some other boards too so sorry if you see this question more than once!)

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    That sounds great for just 3 weeks. Hope your babies get to come home soon. Congrats on the Triplets!!! WOW

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    Congratulations on your LOs and for finding this site!

    I've read and been told that pumping is not suppose to be a good indicator of how much you are producing. Some women are able to pump a lot of milk, while others only pump a few ounces at a sitting. Babies are much more efficient at emptying a breast than a pump is, and diaper counts and weight gain are more important.

    This article helped me when I was pumping in addition to breastfeeding to get my supply up: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/p..._decrease.html

    Kellymom also says: "The amount of milk that you can pump is not an accurate measure of your milk supply. A baby with a healthy suck milks your breast much more efficiently than any pump. Also, pumping is an acquired skill (different than nursing), and can be very dependent on the type of pump. Some women who have abundant milk supplies are unable to get any milk when they pump. In addition, it is very common and normal for pumping output to decrease over time."
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