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Thread: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone?)

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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    My DD is also 8MO & just got her 2 bottom teeth. She nipped me once when she only had one of the two cut through. Since then, smooth sailing... but for the occasional pull off w/o unlatching due to distracability. But... that doesn't really hurt b/c when properly latched, she's not using her teeth to eat!
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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    SIL (who switched to formula after a month - long before any teeth) told me that I would wean once X popped a tooth. He bit a few times during a couple bouts of teething, but I worked with him to learn that biting is not acceptable and with myself to learn when to unlatch or to pull him in close. This worked very well, and biting never became a major issue. He's 12 months now, and hasn't bitten while nursing in months. He has bitten me HARD a couple times on the shoulder (much harder than he ever bit while nursing), so biting can be a problem whether you are nursing or not.

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    My DD is 9 1/2 mos. old, and has 4.5 teeth. Even with her 2 BIG teeth on the top, she has yet to bite me. Sometimes I feel them (not painful) when her latch gets lazy, but then we readjust. It's usually when she's getting sleepy and I can sometimes just slowly draw my nipple out.

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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    Thanks for the reassurance. I *still* keep getting those "better watch out, he's going to start biting you now" comments when we discuss the teeth LO is cutting. Glad I have you ladies to keep me sane!!
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    my 2nd DS & 2nd DD nursed till 3.5+ years old and teeth/biting were never an issue, my 3rd DS who is 10mo and has 6 teeth has bit me a few times and if my let down is fast he will sometime *try* to bite to slow it But I tell him *NO BITING, THAT HURTS MAMMA* and thats seems to have worked so far sometimes he will bite when dream feeding on acciedent but Im pretty aware of the signs now and can usually unlatch him.

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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    I'm glad you are addressing this issue before it even happens! You're an awesome mama.
    Both of my nurslings have teeth... and yes, I've been bit by both. My nipples are still intact and they no longer bite.

    Anytime they START to nibble or play around (you don't feel active sucking), just break the latch (by squeezing pinky in the corner of their mouth) Taking away the "reward"/BF will make them associate biting w/ losing their reward.
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