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Thread: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone?)

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    Default 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone?)

    Ok, so my LO is finally cutting his first tooth at 8mos -- and I just want to take precautions to ensure our nursing relationship will continue without any hitches.

    I don't know what's up with the moms that I talk to outside of LLL meetings, but most of them always complain about how terrible BF was, particularly once their babies got teeth and started biting, and how I'll reconsider my desire to keep nursing once LO's teeth come in (seriously?). I'm more inclined to brush off their well-intentioned "advice" as it comes from the same moms who think 6mos is a LONG time to BF. I would love to hear some (positive) stories about how other mamas have kept nursing... and how to handle any issues that could pop up as relates to teething/biting.

    (I know I'm just being nervous about something that will likely go smoothly, but would love words of encouragement... thanks!!!!)

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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    It should be fine, mama! I'm nursing a 19 month old with a mouth full of sharp white teeth, and she only bit me a few times in the very beginning when she started getting teeth and didn't yet understand how to handle them. And my first daughter never bit!

    Most babies bite rarely or not at all. When a baby is properly latched, she can't bite, because she'd bite her own tongue. But if you have a baby who bites, there are strategies that can help you deal with it- you learn to identify when the baby is transitioning from active feeding to playing around, and take her off the breast before you get bitten, or you use some gentle conditioning techniques where you remove the baby from the breast immediately after a bite and put her down, which teaches her that biting ends the feeding and is therefore not something she wants to do.

    I agree that most of the moms who talk about how awful biting is are often the same ones who don't really enjoy breastfeeding and are very ready to be done by the time their kids get teeth. For those moms, a single nip can be the straw that breaks the camel's back. But if you enjoy nursing, you're probably the sort of person who doesn't think the risk of an occasional bite is too high a price to pay for continuing to nurse.

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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    My DD didn't have any teeth till a week before her first birthday and she only bit me once and i think my reaction shocked/scared her that she never did again. We also had a couple "scrapings" where she would forget to unlatch before turning her head which were a bit unpleasent but I just reminded her to be nice/gentle with mommy and those were far and few between. After the scrapings i would tell her that hurts mommy and have her come off and not allowed back on for a bit. She did not like that at all, she's a very sensitive gal and learned quickly. Maybe cause she was so much older and could understand a lot before she got teeth that it didn't affect our BF realtionship. Even at a year she nursed A LOT and she continued to nurse eventually with a full set of teeth till 25 months the teeth were definitely not even a consideration into us weaning.
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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    My LO is 6 months and boasts 8 teeth already! (My daughter had teeth early too - and we nursed beyond a year.)

    He VERY RARELY gets me with a tooth - when it happens, it is most definitely an accident.

    Has he ever bitten me? Yes. Did it hurt? Yes. Do I want to quit BF because of it? NO!! As PPs have said, if they are latched correctly, it's impossible to bite. You've already come so far - baby knows how to nurse.

    Good luck, and don't give up! You can take him away from the breast if he bites, and he'll figure it out.
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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    I don't remember the first two ever biting me. Did they bite me? Probably. Not enough however to get me to stop or for me to remember it. My current LO has two on top and he tends to give me a little nip when he is latching, but then he is fine.
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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    My son was working on teeth for a while and it was very noticable something was brewing under his gum. Sure enough at his 5month birthday he sprouted his first tooth and just today his second one broke through. Although he hasn't had them long he has done wonderfully with them. I, too, have heard people make remarks about how things were going to go sour when teeth came in or how I will want to quit before he "bit off nipple" But so far so good. When he is really hungry and upset he clamps for a second right at the start but I just firmly say "NO bitting mommy" and he stops and goes about his business. I really hope it stays this simple and he continues to be kind to my lady parts

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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    some people seem to latch on to the tooth/biting thing to deal with their discomfort/ignorance about nursing. like nursing is weird if your LO has teeth, or has she bit you? or aren't you afraid of her biting you? and etc etc. i have one friend in particular that always brings this up no matter what i say.

    My LO has bit me a few times, usually out of boredom at the end of nursing sessions until i told her no and that was the end of that. she also does that clamping on sometimes that a pp mentioned at the start. and i tell her to "be nice" and she lets go. I think its something that you deal with for a very short time in the whole nursing spectrum, so I didn't let it get me down and now we have no problems and she's got 12 teeth!
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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    I don't remember my first kids's first tooth, other than it came in while we were on vacation and I noticed it when he grinned at me in the plane ride home. He never hurt my breast, but he bit me everywhere else! So teeth do not have to wreck a good relationship, and rubbing means you need to work on your latch. Biting is usually boredom.

    The only time teeth might be a problem is like what I'm working on now...teaching a much older baby to nurse from scratch. Not going well The teeth just might beat me.
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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    I think that dealing with nursing / biting was the best thing my LO and I could do. He bit a few times out of curiosity but that's part of learning boundaries and how to treat each other. I flicked his ear a few times (sneakily) when he'd bite, but he started to get paranoid...lol..Just a little distraction more than anything. So I'd just say NO biting, after that. He would always cry, soo sad that what he did interrupted his peaceful session. Once he bit really hard, and I was like OMFG OW! and he cried and went on a nursing strike for a few days. But the moral of this whole story is that he learned that this is a partnership, and how to work as part of a team, and how to treat someone gently, and that's the best thing he's learned so far! He's still nursing at 15 mos.
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    Default Re: 1st tooth! (Positive Stories, Anyone

    My dd nursed for 39 months and we never had a biting problem. She may have bit once or twice by accident.
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