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Thread: How long does 8-12 feeds a day apply?

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    Default How long does 8-12 feeds a day apply?

    I feel like I should know the answer to this already, after all the reading I've done, but I don't and the curiosity is killing me. How long does the 8-12 feedings advice apply? Is that just a newborn thing? My dd has always (and still does) get more than 12 feedings a day so I didn't know if the minimum requirement change as they get older? I'm not concerned by any means, just curious..

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    Default Re: How long does 8-12 feeds a day apply

    I don't know this for sure, but it makes sense to me that the 8-12 feeds a day would apply until they are getting nutrition from other sources, so I would say until they are a year old as solid foods are just for exploration until that point.

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    Default Re: How long does 8-12 feeds a day apply

    I don't think it matters much as long as we're breastfeeding on cue. My soon to be 10 month old still nurses ~12x a day.

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    yep with pp. I NOD my 10mo and I know its ATLEAST 10+ times a day But I wouldnt want it any other way
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    Default Re: How long does 8-12 feeds a day apply

    We weren't below 8 nursing sessions a day until past 2 yrs old but my daughter really really likes her nummies.

    ETA : but if you're talking about necessity and counting I agree it's probably until solids are giving your child a good chunk of their nutrition so maybe around a year or it would certainly vary per child anyway.
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    Default Re: How long does 8-12 feeds a day apply

    I'm not sure exactly how long that "rule" applies, but once baby is around 6 weeks old and gaining well and producing adequate diapers, most moms can safely transition to nursing on demand even if the demand means that the baby is nursing less than 8 sessions per day. It's unusual for a breastfed baby to get their needs met with fewer than 8 nursing sessions, but there are some babies who nurse less than that yet continue to thrive. Making sure the baby nurses at least 8 times a day is certainly the safest route, though!

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    Default Re: How long does 8-12 feeds a day apply

    I know that my LO will eat less frequently if I am not around or he is busy. But he likes to eat a lot if I am close by. I work and over Thanksgiving he nursed a lot. I thought he was saying, "Holy crap, Mom--you are still here? Awesome--let's nurse."
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    Default Re: How long does 8-12 feeds a day apply

    Thanks for the input-- I was thinking along the same lines as what you gals have mentioned, but just wasn't sure if there was any sort of official guidelines for older babies that I just didn't know about! And, uh,...yeah, when she was a newborn, she nursed a LOT more than 8-12 times (which of course sent me racing to these boards in the first couple weeks, just to make sure she wasn't eating 'too much'! ha!)-- I would probably freak out if she nursed closer to 8 times, thinking she was starving, even though I nurse on demand!

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