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    So, dh and I have decided to ttc our 5th in 9-12 months. I am almost certain Dylan will still be nursing as he is a major boobie baby.

    With Dylan, the first two weeks of breastfeeding were very traumatic. My milk took that long to come in. There are a few things I have researched that could have caused this. But it wasn't do to a bad latch or not nursing enough. He was nursing almost every hour until he got dehydrated. Supplementing actually made him nurse better. Finally I had milk and all was good. I even had oversupply!

    So here is my question re the new baby. I am worried about this scenario repeating itself. It may not, and we are having a med-free home birth this time, but I do have some anxiety about it.

    Is it feasible to pump milk when I get pregnant or right before, and save it in a deep freezer in case this situation happens again? I understand in a deep freezer bm can be stored up to one year. It's obviously designed for a toddler so it's not ideal, but it would be better than formula if we had no choice but to supplement, right?

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    Uh oh, it looks like we missed this one!

    That's certainly something you could do for peace of mind. It sounds like you had a really unusual situation with your first baby though! Are any of the things you think might have caused likely to reoccur?

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