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Thread: Very sleepy baby...help!

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    Red face Very sleepy baby...help!

    My son is almost 3 weeks old and sleeps almost all day. I am breast feeding and find it very difficult to wake him to eat. Has anyone else run into this and does it sound normal? He weighed 6lbs 11oz at birth and dropped down to 6lb 2oz about 5 days after birth. We visted the dr. 2 days later where he gained 2 1/2 ozs. Then at his 2 wk. check up he gained an additional 9oz. The doctor isn't concerned with the sleeping as long as he's gaining weight. Any suggestions on how to keep him awake? When he does latch on, he falls almost imediatley asleep.

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    Yes this is my baby too. Mainly I have problems with her falling asleep multiple times during feedings. A 1/2 hour worth of actual nursing takes 3 times as long some times. My babe is 4 wks and it is getting a little better. Some things that help me: change the diaper, squeeze feet, rub behind ear, poke sides, blow on face (gently!), take clothes off, cool wet wipe to cheeks, put baby down (only helps when she was initially awake- she knows when I am holding her). Not are effective all the time- but a combination usually works. Sometimes I will let her just nap- I figure she won't go too long with a hungry tummy- but every baby is different. I hope you find out what works for you. And don't feel bad if your baby is super sleepy one day and not so much the next. My baby has had days where she ate way below the recommended 8-12 times but the next day ate like crazy. So it all works out.

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    My DD is going to be 4 weeks on Thursday. She has more awake time now during the day, but for the first two weeks, she would sleep about 22 hours each day. I had a very very hard time waking her up for feedings, but I did my best so that my supply would not dwindle at all.

    I did just what was stated above - cool cloths on her face and body, rubbing her back, laying her down, taking her clothes off so she wasn't all warm & snuggly.

    Give it a little time. Pretty soon your baby will have much more awake time during the day and you will get into a better feeding pattern.

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    Smile Re: Very sleepy baby...help!

    Same problems here but it is getting better with each additional week of age. For the first 4 weeks she wanted to sleep non-stop and would not wake on her own to eat. She is now 6 weeks and is getting a little better. She still has Never woke on her own crying or wanting to eat!

    Things I have found that work for us:
    *Remove all her clothes (except the diaper) before feeding. Remove my shirt and have as much skin to skin contact as possible.
    *Change the diaper. If it is clean just take it off and put it back on.
    *Wipe face with cold wet wash cloth. (watch that you do not make your LO too cold or he/she will shiver - if so hug and warn right away).
    *Tickle Feet, cheeks or arms.
    *Blow lightly on her face an neck (blowing after brushing teeth or eating peppermint candy works better than just normal breath for some reason).
    *Give her a 2-5 minute nap break an then wake to eat more.

    Generally, one of these work but not the same one each time. Good luck and I hope one of hese work for you!!
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    I remember those days. Sometimes I miss the lazy nursing days! You can try breast compressions to wake him up during nursing.

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