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    Smile Latch issues

    My 11 day old and I are struggling with latch issues. We finally got the right side "figured out" but she still has a really hard time latching correctly on the left (she is not taking enough of my areola in and I can't figure out how to get more in- she's very quick to latch on to just the nipple! Ouch!). Am thinking of nursing on the right and pumping on the left but wonder if that will affect my milk supply. Any suggestions/ideas?

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    You can try the breast sandwich technique. I've had to do that with my first DD.

    Maybe express a little breastmilk from that breast to make it more manageable if you find that it's fuller than her preferred side and that might be causing the issue.

    Congrats on your LO and

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    Try feeding her on that side with the same position you use on the successful side...just slide her over your lap. Or try side lying nursing.

    If she won't nurse that side, then, yes, pump to keep up your supply.

    Most babies develop a side preference, whether it be from how we hold them, to how the milk comes down, to how the nipple is shaped, or some other factor. But it can be overcome.
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    Have you tried different positioning (side lying or laid back or just anything else? It's pretty common to need to do something a bit different on each side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*lllmeg View Post
    It's pretty common to need to do something a bit different on each side.
    I've nursed four kids now...never knew this. There's sooo much I still have to learn. Thanks!

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