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Thread: Sinus Infection Meds

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    Ok ladies I have been so sick all week. At first I just thought it was a cold runny nose and cough but I never take anything but cough drops. Then Wednesday the pressure started and I was at work all day so I went to the doctor on Thursday. I got a Zpack which usually works great for me, I am slowly starting to recover but I wanted to ask you a question. My son is over 3 do any of you with older nursling take benadryl or sudafed when sick and if so does it affect you supply.

    With my twins my supply dried up at 10 months for no apparent reason and I wondered if I took either of those meds without thinking of the consequences.

    I am especially not wanting to take them because my supply (I have no idea what it really is haven't pumped over 2 years) is so low. My husband joked I should take it then LO would have to wean but that's not how I want to do it and he's had a little cold too. I finally seem to be feeling better but I know those two drugs could have helped me along, but I just can't do that to LO.
    Did this for 9months with Kailey and Hailey
    who are now 8.

    weaned Dane somewhere around 3.5 no longer he likes to sleep with his sisters He's now 5

    Now I am , , My baby Cruz who is almost 6 months and my last baby

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    Yes sudafed will decrease milk supply as it dries up all secretions in your body. The last couple of years I have become very prone to sinus infections. I have taken sudafed but will not take it around the clock. 1-2 doses a day. I also do not take it for more than a few days. If I am taking sudafed I make it a point to eat more oatmeal, eggs, flax seed meal, take some fenugreek. I offer to nurse my LO more. If I notice to much dip then I stop. I also found using a netipot (can be bought at Walgreens) helps a ton. That is just salt water flushing out the sinus so there is no risk of supply loss with that. I occasionally netipot just to clear my sinus so I don't have to get to the point of needing medication. I have been on the z-pack of antibiotics 2 times this year. LO did not seem to get any side effects from it. It is also safe to take while bf. The older baby is the better they are able to metabolize any meds that do cross into the milk.

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    The kind of Sudafed which is known to cause problems with milk production is pseudoephedrine. You have to ask for it and sign for it at pharmacies in the US, and it's prescription-only in a lot of other countries. The type of Sudafed that's on the shelves now contains phenylephrine, which doesn't seem to cause the same supply problems.

    There have been some anecdotal reports of decreases in supply with Benadryl, but study data haven't shown the same effect.

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