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Thread: Skipping a session?

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    Default Skipping a session?

    Some back ground info: My son is 5months and healthy and a big boy weighing in at 20lbs. He nurses on demand and we are currently doing BLS but nothing really makes it to his mouth. We have thought about baby food but as of now only a bite or two has been given. Also, he just got his first tooth in on November 30th, which I think is when he started this new pattern. Our normal day goes about like this:

    Then between 4pm-9pm it's anywhere between 2-3 sessions
    Bedtime is at 10pm and that's the last session till morning.

    NOWHe nurses @5am--7am--skips the 9am feeding and nurses closer to 11:30am!! Is this ok?? Will my supply take a beating? Should I just leave it up to him or offer the breast?


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    Default Re: Skipping a session?

    Leave it up to him. He may be drinking more at the 2nd feeding and not need the 9am. You can offer but I wouldn't worry about it too much.

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