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Thread: How to cope with judgement?

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    hahaha I really like the comment "Well not this week!" How cute! I've never thought of that.
    Usually my relatives will say "you don't need that" whenever my daughter starts to dig in my shirt and say "ninny"...
    That's usually when I stay right there and nurse her right in front of them... without shame.
    Normally I would take her to another room since I feel like her and I bond better when no one else (accept her bother, who shares ninny) is around.
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    When my son (now 10 months) was about 3 months old we had just gotten into a really good groove with nursing and I was really happy about it. My sil was visiting and asked me when I planned to wean. I said enthusiastically that I hoped to nurse as long as my son wanted, hopefully about 2 years. I was surprised when she said "don't you think that would be a little weird?" but I replied, "Oh you know, you're right. He'll be at LEAST three." She hasn't mentioned it since.
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