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Thread: STN and Supply?

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    Default STN and Supply?

    Hi ladies! My son recently started sleeping in longer stretches of 7-9 hours (not every night but a lot) and my breasts are getting very full. A couple nights I woke and manually expressed into a bottle to take some of the pressure off. My question is, will this negatively affect my supply? I pump 4 days per week because of school, and I am already struggling to get the necessary milk I need to leave with grandma.

    Is this something I should worry about, or will my supply just adjust to having more during waking hours? I sure hope so! In the mean time, I better get more serious about eating oatmeal and drinking mother's milk tea.

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    how old is your lo? my ds is 9 months, at around 8 months he either wakes up one time a night around 3am or will sttn and wake around 5 (nurse and the go back to sleep until 7:30ish) i thought i was struggling with supply as I pump 3 times a week all day. i actually think my supply decreased b/c he is eating more solid food. i used to give him 4.5 oz bottles but now i give 3.5 and he is happy. i've stopped worrying about the amount i pump b/c he is happy with what i have when we are together and seems happy with the 3.5 oz bottles.

    my breasts have been feeling less uncomfortable in the night, and i always have enough to satisfy him if he does wake at 3 am. i didn't want to wake him or pump, i'm just trying to follow his lead and not worry about the amount i am pumping as long as he is happy.

    good luck to you and congrats on getting more sleep!
    mom to ds daniel 12/16/09 and ben 2/27/11

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