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Thread: A little input please!!!

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    [FONT=Comic Sans MS]So, my two month old is great at the breast, however just recently he isn't happy unless being fed I literaly have him at the breast most of the day! I need to be able to put him down as I have a 2 year old! Any input would be helpful!

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    Did this just come on, or has your baby been like this since the beginning? We usually say that there are big growth spurts at around 3 weeks and 3 months, but honestly they can strike at any time and when they do, babies wasnt to be on the breast all day. Also, do you have a baby sling? Sometimes the issue isn't a growth spurt, it's that the baby has discovered that he/she prefers being held to lying in a cradle or crib. A slng can allow you to do that without requiring you to be stuck on the couch!

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    it's been alot more the past couple weeks! He definately seems to need me alot more than my two year old did, but lately anytime I put him down he fusses and whines even when picked up he's still a little whiney until I put him on the breast usually he just falls asleep there, but the second I put him down he wakes. I will def try a sling...

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    Look up the Moby Wrap www.mobywrap.com it is so so great! I love love love mine! You can get them at Target. They are better on your back than most slings and safer for baby. You can even breastfeed hands free with it if you want. Also you could try putting him in it with you having bare skin and he may like that and not have to nurse. Good luck! My second DD just went through a phase like this as well! But she did get over it. She is 13 weeks now.

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    Many babies object to being put down, for many reason, so I would file that behavior under normal, unless there are some other issues.

    Juggling a toddler and an infant requires lots of creativity sometimes! An old idea-make a special basket/box/bag of quiet toys/games/books that only come out when baby is nursing (if that is very frequent, have a rotating stock) so your two year old can be entertained while you nurse (assuming you are needing to sit to nurse.) If you have not found a position that allows you to nurse one (or no) handed, find one, so you have at least one hand free to play a simple game, hold a book, or snuggle your two year old while baby nurses. If two year old wants to be more active, is there a room you can nurse in (or a fenced or otherwise secure yard) where she or he can wander safely while you nurse while watching your toddler? Many two year olds will play happily as long as mommy is watching and encouraging "show me how high you can jump" or "Can you make that car go zoom" that sort of thing.) Do you have a lower kitchen cabinet or two you can dedicate to toddler safe pots, pans, containers, and a wooden or plastic spatula or spoon or two? that is usually good for at least 5 minutes of toddler entertainment.

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