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Thread: dumb questions....

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    Red face dumb questions....

    what does all this dd, dc, ds abbreviations mean?? I have been putting off asking this question to see if i can figure it out and now I just have to ask so I can be on the same page as everyone else. It's probably something really simple......and if there are any more important ones please tell me. I did figure out bf all by myself.

    thank you.

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    It's not a dumb question! This site is helpful http://www.netlingo.com/emailsh.cfm

    dd= dear daughter
    ds= dear son
    dc=dear child
    dh= dear husband
    Tanya, LLL Leader and Mama to three wonderful kids

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    Default Re: dumb questions....

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    I'm glad you asked, because I'm new around here, and I was still waiting to see if I could figure some out on my own!
    Just wanted to say thanx to all of you. This site is awesome, and such an encouragement. When my ds takes a nap, and my dh is milling around doing things, I run over to my PC and hop on here to see what everyone's talking about! Its a great thing to do for myself and my family!
    mom to a wonderful son: 7/5/05
    and beautiful little daughter: 1/17/08
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    17.0 on 4/26/08
    newly tandem nursing, born-again mama

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