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Thread: Worried about my supply due to reflux!

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    Default Worried about my supply due to reflux!

    First I want to say thanks to all of you who give your advice and comment on these posts!!! I wish I had had this site with my DD; maybe I would have been more successful!

    Anyway, DS has reflux. We started him on Prevacid at his 2-month appointment and he got much better! He was a different baby after that....no more crying while nursing or trying to take a bottle, etc. This week, he started acting like he was hurting again and got back to the point where he appeared severely in pain when trying to nurse and when trying to take a bottle for the babysitter. It just breaks my heart to see him in such pain!!!!

    Well, the last two or three days, he's decreased his nursing tremendously!!!!! You can tell when he tries it hurts, so I think he's just not wanting to, kwim? The babysitter says he does the same with his bottle and he's taking less with her as well. The pedi upped his dose of Prevacid and I'm hoping that helps, but in the meantime, what do I need to do to ensure my supply doesn't drop? Do I need to pump to keep it up since he's not eating very often? I don't want my supply to drop during this time!!!! I just don't know what to do! I can't force him to eat, kwim?!

    Yesterday he had a bottle around 2:00-ish with the babysitter, and I tried to nurse him at 4:30, 6:00-ish and 8:00 and he FINALLY nursed around 9:00. So from 2:00-9:00 he didn't nurse and nursed about 20 minutes at 9:00. He had been eating every 2-3 hours for 10-20 minutes. And, he only eats on one side each feeding (at the advice of the lactation consultant) because he was having a hard time due to his reflux with let-down and she felt he would do better with just dealing with one let-down versus one on each side. She was right, once we started doing that, he did MUCH better with his nursing and always seemed satisfied, but that means when he goes 7-ish hours between eating, one side is going way over 7 hours of not having milk emptied.

    Please help! I don't want to pump and pump and make too much because I did have an oald and that's the last thing he needs with his reflux, but I also don't want to not pump and empty my breasts and him not doing it and my supply drop either!

    Oh, and he was 3 months on Nov. 19 and weighs about 14-15 lbs.

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    Default Re: Worried about my supply due to reflu

    My daughter had severe reflux and these same issues with nursing. I also have OS and OALD. So I know how you feel. What we ended up doing is for about a month her Ped put her on BOTH previced and Zantac. It did the trick. You can also give tylonal (0.4 mL) and it will help his throat not hurt from the acid that does come up and burn his throat. That helped my DD a lot. Also I would probably pump just the feeds he is missing. Or just maybe pump once a day so as not to overproduce but not to lose it completely either. Or you could give him a few more weeks and see if he does better and then your milk supply will pick back up with him eating more frequently again. I also found that walking around while nursing was the only way I could get my DD to nurse often enough before we got her on the other medicine and the tylonal. It seemed to distract her enough to be able to eat. A pain, but better than her not eating.

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    Default Re: Worried about my supply due to reflu

    What position is baby in when nursing or given a bottle? My youngest with GERD responded very well to being nursed more or less "upright." I just posted a long post about this in another thread-ugh how do you link to another thread? http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...aming-while-BF did that work?

    The advice to nurse on one side per feeding is generally very good advice, we call it "finish the first breast first." But it was given when you saw the LC-and now something is different. Also it is never a hard and fast rule, and can be adjusted as necc. kwim? Nurse as you feel works best for NOW.

    If baby is not nursing frequently enough, it will over time decrease supply. So you could judiciously pump if you feel it is neccesary. Usually, Breastmilk soothes the pain of reflux, which is why babies with GERD often nurse very frequently. Is it possible that it's something else? Could he have a sore in his mouth, teething pain, a cold (stuffy nose) or an earache? Lots of things can cause a baby discomfort during nursing. There are good articles on here & at www.kellymom.com about encouraging a baby to nurse.

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    Default Re: Worried about my supply due to reflu

    Thanks for the advice! He did better today, having been on the higher dose since Wednesday now. He has never been a baby who would comfort nurse, ever! I wish he would!!!! I think it would be easier than him fussing! LOL I have tried nursing/bottle in the upright position. He actually prefers to nursing lying in bed, at least that seems to be when he nurses the longest. He doesn't appear to be in pain any other time so I would think it could be an ear infection or teething but IDK. I guess it could be an earache, but wouldn't he be in pain other than just eating? His pain seems to be only when he eats. But IDK! My first DC (DD almost 6) has severe GERD and is still on meds for it. She is perfect with meds, but when we try to take her off, she has a really hard time!!!! I guess that's why I'm just sure it's GERD......he acts the exact same way she did, only she was bottle fed pumped milk because I couldn't get her to latch on to nurse (longgggg story, lol).

    I'm just so concerned about my supply!!!! We have come too far for me to drop my supply now!!!!!! From VERY cracked nipples due to tongue-tie, thrush, clogged ducts and mastitis, thrush, thrush, thrush, thrush.....you get the point.....we've had a rough beginning and I want to be sure we make it now that it's actually easy!!!! LOL

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    Default Re: Worried about my supply due to reflu

    Wow you have really been through it all!

    Well you certainly have more experience with GERD than I do, but I still don't get why it is hurting ONLY while baby is eating. GERD is acid reflux- so it's painful when what is eaten comes back up, not when it goes down. In babies, of course, that is often a remarkably fast turnaround, so pain can happen during feedings, because what the baby has just eaten may be trying to come back up that quickly. But pain only during feedings? Sounds odd to me but if upping the meds helped there is no reason to argue with success.

    Are you sure it’s not OALD again? Going on babies behavior at the breast alone-crying at the breast, not ever comfort nursing-it sounds a bit like that. If you (or baby) has been spacing feedings out too long that can exacerbate OALD.

    Just FYI, ear pain & headache & teething can show up when a baby is nursing because the mouth and entire jaw is so engaged when sucking. And stuffyness prevents a baby from being able to nurse easily, as in order to nurse effectively a baby must be able to breathe through the nose. So nursing becomes frustrating. So issues there that do not bother baby other times may show up when nursing. But I am just throwing stuff at the all to see what sticks iykwim.

    If your major concern is your milk supply, both keeping it and not overactivating it, than you could pump when he is not eating regularly, but not pump like crazy, just pump a short time. If your pumping is only replacing a time baby would normally be eating, it is unlikely to cause oversupply. Plus, while reducing an oversupply can be difficutl, it is probably much easier than rebuilding a low supply. You also could just keep nursing as much as possible in whatever positions baby will tolerate. Frequent nursing sessions are good for everything-reflux, oversupply, and low supply.

    It’s also just hitting me about the bottles. How long has your baby been fed bottles, and how often? Bottle feeding can cause something called ‘flow confusion’ where baby gets frustrated at the breast when the milk is not flowing as quickly and with the same regularity as a bottle. Yes I know he also cried while the baby sitter fed him, but that could be any number of things. If the sitter is a regular thing, maybe you could suggest some of these ideas for bottle feeding the breastfed baby. http://www.llli.org/docs/00000000000...astfedbaby.pdf
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