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Thread: Hungry baby?!

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    Sometimes I did feed my bottlefeed baby mama milk every hour. They go through growth spurts too. But it was NOT 6 oz in a sitting.

    That makes me think your bottle nipples let him have too much too quickly or they are too easy for him to suckle from.

    My guy still takes 4 oz, but Im not feeding him that every 2 hours now. Usually, he topped out at 30-36 oz/day. There was the rare day just recently where he wanted 40+oz, but that was a fluke, and he only took it in 4 oz increments...just 10 times. But that is why you pump and pump and pump to start...I could stand on my potential supply and made it through.. And once they get to 6-7-8 months, solids can help with the pressure on your supply.

    to all the unsupportive people.

    I still think you should nurse this baby. You would not find yourself questioning yourself like this. You could just say to people, "I don't know. I'm breastfeeding!" and how can they argue with that?!
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*ishah2124 View Post
    How long of a gap SHOULD there be between feedings at LEAST?
    There is no minimum. A baby may be hungry 5 minutes after you just fed him, or 20 minutes, or an hour, or 3 hours. It varies a lot depending on the baby's age, the time of day, the baby's activity level, on whether or not he's going through a growth spurt.

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*ishah2124 View Post
    she said you do not do on demand with bottle feeding but with breastfeeding you do she was really agitated that he is over weight
    Nope, that is old advice. Current recommendations- in the USA at least- are for babies to be fed on demand whether they are formula-fed, bottle-fed or breastfed. No offense to your midwife, but she may not be the right person to talk to when you're looking for advice on infant feeding. She may know everything there is to know about birth and pregnancy and what have you, but that doesn't mean she's necessarily a specialist in infant feeding or breastfeeding.

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*ishah2124 View Post
    as in from 12:45pm he had 6oz and how at 2:55pm he is having another 4oz he wouldnt stop crying. How do I know if im over feeding him?
    Mama, this is one of the many, many reasons we keep urging you to just try and nurse this baby! If you were feeding him "straight from the tap" you would not have to wonder for a moment whether or not you are overfeeding. You wouldn't have to obsess over how many oz your baby ate, or whether or not he's gone long enough between feedings.

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