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Thread: Does my baby have reflux?

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    Default Does my baby have reflux?

    Hi there,

    My 10 wk old spits up frequently, multiple times during every feeding. We go through 2 - 3 bibs per feeding! He does not however seem to be in pain or uncomfortable, he is pretty content and carries on after spitting up. His Pediatrician prescribed Zantac (.6 ml twice a day), but I don't know if he really needs it or has reflux. Is spitting up as much as he does normal or excessive? I heard normal from a LC and a bit much from his Dr. so I don't know whether to start him on Zantac or not.


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    He sounds like a happy spitter to me. Not reflux. Both my DDs had/have reflux and they'd scream every time they spit up and were way way fussy until we started Zantac. My second DD would even projectile vomit. So if he doesn't seem uncomfortable then I wouldn't do the zantac.

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    That sounds pretty normal. Mine have all had reflux, and the spitting made them uncomfortable and they cried a lot.
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