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Thread: Venting.... & Questions about solids

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    Thanks ladies! It's encouraging to know I'm not the only one dealing with this I think I may try some rice with her tomorrow...her teacher at daycare said that DD was watching her feed another baby today and kept opening her mouth like she was waiting for her own bite So cute! I'm hesitant to try anything actually "solid" just yet, since she hasn't hit the 6 mo mark, but I'm curious to see how she does with a little bit of cereal. Definitely not expecting any sleep miracles though...
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    I am with ya in the venting. My LO is only 3.5 months and I keep hearing "put some cereal in his night bottle and he will sleep better."

    I just calmly say he doesn't get a bottle at night or anytime that he is with me, and he nurses right before bed.

    And really you want me to give my 3 month old empty carbs so that I can sleep better, sounds like a selfish reason to me. If he needs calories in the middle of the night I am more than happy to get up and nurse him. (We only get up once a night anyways)
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