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Thread: Need advice, my aunt just adopted a baby

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    Default Need advice, my aunt just adopted a baby

    Ok so I just got word that my aunt is on her way to the hospital to pick up a newborn baby she was chosen for. The baby was born 5 weeks early. I have a full bag of collostrum saved from my labor inducing attempts. I also have some milk saved I can offer her. Which she is excited for and will gladly take. I have dealt with OS since DD was born (12 weeks) and have been block feeding recently to help and am finally to the point where she nurses one side per feeding. I stopped pumping entirely. I actually have a lot of milk saved up but I was planning on sending that to my sister in law for her twins. My question is, if I start pumping just a bit again to help feed the new baby is it going to reek havoc on my DDs feedings? I'm glad I can at least give her some. I just wish I could give her more.

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    Default Re: Need advice, my aunt just adopted a

    That's awesome!

    If you do one or two scheduled pumpings per day, your body will adjust quickly to make enough for those pumpings and your daughter, no problem. I would start slow, with one short pumping, and then ramp it up. And pump at the same time each day. That's important.

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    Default Re: Need advice, my aunt just adopted a

    Start with one session, see how it goes and add in more. I don't think I would try to pump to dry though, as that will tell your body to make more and more milk. Pick just one time of the day to start.

    I pumped for another mama's baby, and it worked out OK, I block fed my baby and pumped the other side then switched as needed.
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    Default Re: Need advice, my aunt just adopted a

    I just wanted to say I wish I would of had a niece like you, or friends like the other mommas here willing to help out with BM. WOW what a GREAT gift!

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    In need of some


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