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Thread: block feeding but still green poop

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    Default block feeding but still green poop

    Hi yall, thanks in advance for any advice, I always get such good info from you all! I have been block feeding the past 2 weeks or so due to over supply (LO coughing/choking at breast, spraying milk everywhere, extreme engorgement, green mucousy poo). My LO is now 5 weeks old and I think my supply has regulated well, because I am no longer so engorged (breasts just slightly full when time to nurse, mostly soft) and no longer spraying milk, and LO is no longer choking. But, she still has the green mucousy poops. I have not noticed any change in the poo, still bright green, mucousy, and sometimes literally as thin liquid as pee. I have stopped block feeding and just use one breast per feeding (never both) unless she wants to nurse again within the same hour (which happens a lot) then I will use the same side. Am I still doing the right thing? Should I go back to block feeding (using the same breast for several hours)? Or does it just take more time for the green poo to go away? Is my supply where it needs to be? I am so used to the extreme engorgement and forceful milk spraying that now that its gone I feel like something is wrong!

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    I had to block feed recently too and am doing the exact same thing as you, one breast per feed unless she wants to eat again too soon and I offer the same breast. When I started block feeding her poops kept turning more and more yellow. My guess would be an allergy. Usually the mucusy stools indicate that more than a foremilk imbalance. My DD (12 weeks) got a lot less green poop when I went off milk. I didn't cut out all dairy just strait milk. Could that be it maybe?

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    Green is within the normal range of colors for baby poop (really!), but mucus is not normal. It sounds like your supply is well-regulated at this point. I wouldn't recommend block feeding, lest your supply drop below what your baby needs. But it really might be worthwhile eliminating all dairy from your diet for several weeks to see if it makes a difference to your baby. It will generally be obvious within a few weeks whether or not it makes a difference, but it can sometimes take up to about 6 weeks to get the diary completely cleared from a baby's system.

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    thanks yall I will try it. I really don't eat much dairy at all but I do have oatmeal with milk or cereal with milk every morning so I guess I will cut that out.

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    If the only issue is green mucousy poop, and no blood in the stool, and no serious & regular discomfort for baby, ie, if all else is normal, I doubt you need do anything different. If giving up dairy is no hardship to you, certainly you could try it and see what happens, as it is possible your baby is having a very mild reaction to dairy, I suppose. But I just have to bang that old gong again and say that food allergies via breastmilk are exceedingly rare, and they usually cause many more issues than just green mucousy poops. A baby with a food allergy is usually a very uncomfortable and unhappy baby. It is much more likely (imo) that you still have some residual issues of forceful letdown, baby is still getting lots of foremilk, and that is causing the green stools-and again, that alone is no reason for concern.
    allergy article: http://kellymom.com/babyconcerns/food-sensitivity.html

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