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    So let me start out by saying that I successfully fed my first son for 18 months with minimal issue. I am so frustrated with my swcod breastfeeding experience. I will not quit unless my girls fall off... And at this point it feels like they are going to!!
    I have inverted nipples so we started our experience with some nipple cracking ( but minor). Then at week 2, I got mastitis. Then week 4 I thought I had thrush as my nipples were burning and very very red and the cracks that were getting better, grew to huge crevices. The doc put me on 14 days of diflucam and I only have three days left..... In the meantime, I have not seen any improvement in the redness or the cracks on my nipples. My baby is now 6 weeks and when I went to the doc this week, she said she is not so sure it is thrush and prescribed me another antibiotic. She didn't say mastitis or anything like that, maybe she is thinking the cracks have gotten infected? Anyhow, I have taken the antibiotics ( along with a mucho amount of probiotics). Then I got a horrible stomache flu.... Ugh. So now my body is so run down. I have been drinking tons and tons of water o rehydrate after all of the vomiting and diahrea. I am ready for the nipple and breat pain to go away and to feel better! I feel like I have been battling somehibg for the past six weeks and I am so needing my energy level to come back and I want to feel better.... Any thoughts or advice on the crevices in the nipples? Btw, my beautiful 6 wk old loves loves loves to nurse and just screams when he can't use me as his paci. I have tried pumping to give my nipples some healing time, but always give in to the scream. Also, I saw an lc thinking maybe we had bad latch, but she said it looks great. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated.

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    I'm just trying to understand your post. You had mastitis and fought it with an antibiotic? But you still have angry cracks? Where is the pain? Breast or nipple or both? Did your LC suggest the possibility of thrush? I found pumping to aggravate angry nipples. As long as you don't have thrush I would say apply nipple butter and let your nipples get as much air as humanly possible. Walk around the house topless or with a loose fitting t-shirt on. And then yes, time will heal the rest, assuming you don't have thrush or a bad latch.
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    I'm so sorry you've spent so much time feeling under the weather! And on top of having just had a baby, too. At this point, I think I would be asking my doctor to do a culture to see what's going on. Thrush can be resistant to certain antifungals, so just because the Diflucan isn't helping does not absolutely rule out yeast. And if it IS yeast, then throwing more antibiotics at it is the worst thing you could do. But if it's bacterial, it would still be helpful to find out what it is and what antibiotics it's vulnerable to.

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    Have you been using lanolin? That's what saved me from cracks. I used it every single feed. I love the kind from Lansinoa but I think any kind is pretty good. Its a bit of a pain to put it on every time but boy is it worth it! I'd say slap it on!!! lol and good luck!!! Good for you for not stopping! I know just how you feel!

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