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Thread: Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

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    Yeah. What DID your doctor say? Did he apologize to you?

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    Wow great job standing up for yourself and your baby. Way to go!

    Suggestion: When you are feeling better, write a nice letter to your doctor, thanking him for taking the time to discuss this issue with your child’s pediatrician, and suggest he purchase an office copy of Dr. Thomas Hale's Medications and Mothers Milk and include a link to www.infantrisk.org

    If it works, future patients of this doctor and their babies will thank you. Unnecessary weaning due to medications happens all the time. It’s maddening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*firstbaby2011 View Post
    Good for you! I too have become so much more confident in my BF'ing relationship largely in part to this forum.
    me too way to go momma you rock!
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    Just for an update, no, he didn't apologize. I found him so stupid. I very rarely go to a general doctor b/c I'm honestly rarely this sick. Normally, I'm at my yearly appointment at the OBGYN. I won't be going back to this doctor or this office. Am currently looking for something/somewhere else. Just another example of why I don't want to go back? I sat in the waiting room for 1.5 hours! And I was CONTAGIOUS.

    LO is doing fine with the antibiotics so far as I can tell. And, my pharmacist (again, really small town) scoffed at the suggestion that this would hurt baby. That made me feel better too. Too bad I can't take myself to the pediatrician/pharmacist when I need meds!
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