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Thread: Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

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    Default Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

    I just want to say thank you for this forum. I had an interesting experience today, and if it weren't for this forum and group of BFing moms, I think I would have "caved."

    I went to the doctor today for my horrible sore throat. Ends up I have bacterial pharyngitis. The nurse tells me that if they give me an antibiotic, I'll have to pump and dump and give my 6 month old formula until I'm done with the 10 day sequence.

    I balked at this. She seemed unfazed.

    Then, in walks the doctor who basically tells me that I either pump and dump or take the chances that I will hurt my baby with the antibiotic. I told him there HAD to be some other way. He suggested that since LO is 6 months, couldn't he just have solids?

    Ummm. . . no! I said, "He HAS to have breastmilk or formula as his primary food intake!" (Did this guy go to med school?)

    Sure, LO has had SOME solids, but he's not consistent.

    So, I told the DR that I would just walk over to my pediatrician (we live in a small town) and ask HER. I guess I offended him because he chose to walk over there himself.

    Lo and behold, pediatrician says it's fine. Baby will get some, but it might actually help HIM fight off any possible illness that he would get from me.

    All of that to say that here on the forum, we may disagree about the little things here and there, but I am SO appreciative to know that when it comes down to it, there is a group of women out there who agree with me: breast is best. And I get that some people supplement with formula because they need to - and some people simply use formula. Everyone's different. I just couldn't believe that my DR seemed to be 100% clueless and borderline unsupportive.

    End rant.
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    Default Re: Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

    Woah cool story Glad it turns out you still can bf! What did the dr do after that? I'm surprised he bothered to walk there himself
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    Default Re: Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

    Good for you! I too have become so much more confident in my BF'ing relationship largely in part to this forum.

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    Default Re: Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

    Good job, mama!

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*firstbaby2011 View Post
    I too have become so much more confident in my BF'ing relationship largely in part to this forum.
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    Default Re: Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

    WTG mama! Hope you feel better soon.
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    Default Re: Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

    I don't know about you, but for me it took being a mother to not only need female support but crave it. And this forum is the pinnacle of that for me. There are more strong, educated and supportive women on this site than I could even imagine having in my real life. We got your back. Feel better!
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    Default Re: Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

    Very nice! This is one reason I always do so much research and trust my instincts and not always the doctor! What a silly doctor! Breast is so the best! Don't ya love what we can do for our babies! Yay mama!

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    Default Re: Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

    Lactivists UNITE!

    I too appreciate and gain knowledge and confidence from this site each time I visit!
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    Default Re: Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

    Way to Go! don't know that I would have been able to do that!

    I too love this forum!
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    Default Re: Thank you & BF moms unite! :)

    Good for you. My DR has told me to pump & dump on antibiotics before, after the appt I called my pediatrician who told me it was fine so I listened to him. Next time my DR said that I just nodded and left the visit knowing I would continue to nurse.

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