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Thread: Introducing solids

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    Default Introducing solids

    My ds is 5months now and I have been thought about offering him some solids...from a spoon. We have done some bls but thought we could try some spoon feeding of baby food. Tonight for ****s and giggles I gave him some apple sauce and he REALLY liked it. Very excited and eager for the next bite. My fear is that he will prefer baby food over mommy I guess my question is.....will feeding him a small meal once a day do any damage to my supply and will it turn him against me?


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    A small meal once a day probably won't put the kibosh on your breastfeeding relationship. Remember to always nurse right before solids and keep the portions SMALL. You should be aiming to let your LO have fun with new tastes, textures, and motor skills, not to fill his tummy. Breastmilk is the healthiest substance any of us ever get to eat, and you want to maximize its consumption.

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