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Thread: I need to wean my 2 yr old now!!

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    Default Re: I need to wean my 2 yr old now!!

    You might check out the book, Raising Your Spirited Child. My first was increadibly intense for his first 4 years, and many of the things you talk about were him. He has a very persistent personality, so night weaning took quite a while. DH would take him back to bed, and usually end up spending the rest of the night sleeping with him. It helped that he was the only child in the house at the time, so when he was crying and wailing with Dad there weren't any other children kept awake. And, I ever "went back" because of illness or whatever, we went though night weaning all over again. While you won't find a "method" for helping with sleep in the book, it can help you to understand your child better and why the things that work for others aren't working for the two of you. DS nursed until he was 3 1/2 (and I thought he would never wean). One day he announced that he was going to nurse for 3 more days, and that is what he did. I was shocked. In the end, I'm (mostly) glad a stuck things out with him, we we had imposed several rules along the way to make nursing tolerable for me. One of them was to count to 10 when I was ready to be done. I could count fast or slow, starting when he started nursing or 10 minutes into a session or whenever. He could then ask for the other side, but after a while, he didn't. This helped to get rid of some sessions. I nursed then handed him off to dad to finish putting him to bed. Eventually, he could nurse in the morning after I showered, at nap, and at bed time. Then, it was just 2 times a day. Although he constantly pushes at rules, having them is important to him and helped both of us. Before he night weaned, I could even count in the night and he would come off, roll over, and go to sleep.

    Two can be a time of seperation anxiety and a lot of developmental changes that might life for momma tough for a while. Hang in there! Making changes, especially with a child like your son, is never easy, but when you reach the point where dealing with the protests is worth it, you can make progress. BTW, DS is almost 6 now, very bright, loving school, generally a joy to be around, sleeps in his own bed all night, and even goes to sleep without a parent right there most nights. There is hope.

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    I can relate to the posts here and after happily BF my almost 2 year old , I feel like his aggression and Boob-crazed all-nighters are making us all too tired and frustrated to continue. We began the process 2 months ago by trying Dr. Gordan's method and even made a book about "No milk until morning," inevitably I would wake to him climbing all over me, ripping my shirt off, screaming "Mama milk" multiple times throughout the night. His 2 year molars are in and the behavior has continued, so we decided to try the "weaning vacation," which I am on right now. My husband says he has gone down to bed without a hitch and slept through the night last night, so it seems that for us all to be at peace is the best thing for our family.
    I do have a couple of concerns/questions for the group:
    1. Anyone have suggestions for a good way to ease me back into sleeping there/putting him to bed, as not to re-trigger the pattern?
    2. I want my milk supply to slow down/dry up soon, but waking up engorged and sore. So far I've pumped a few times each day to relieve the pressure, as well as have a few bottles for Rane during this transition. I don't want to stimulate my production too much, or get engorged, but am wondering if I should be doing something else to ease this transition (apart from taking prescription medication).
    Happy New Year and Thank you!

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    Default Re: I need to wean my 2 yr old now!!

    Those of you who have successfully weaned your spirited, boob loving, no end in sight toddler; how did you adjust back to co-sleeping (if that is what you do)? I don't want to stop everything cold turkey, and I love my cuddlebug, but I can't see him not being a total nutso trying to grab at me, etc, while we wean and still co-sleeping...

    Like most of you, I love this time and wouldn't trade it, but I think of all the time I spend putting him to sleep/keeping him asleep. Not to mention we were driving back from the mountains yesterday and I was suspending myself over his car seat to give him a boob as he was demanding it...still didn't fall asleep, that's when I thought, enough! He is 25 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*Spicey477 View Post
    Those of you who have successfully weaned your spirited, boob loving, no end in sight toddler; how did you adjust back to co-sleeping (if that is what you do)?
    I had to put up with a lot of groping He would often insist on falling asleep with a hand on my boob.

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    We night weaned our very spirited toddler and never stopped co-sleeping. She sometimes still asks to nurse in the night but my husband will offer to take her to the kitchen for pretzels and water. She cried a lot the first 3 nights but she was 27 mos and had already slept through the night without nursing several times. It was hard, but she cried and my husband had to take over and pat her and offer her water and eventually she learned this was the new way. I had talked to her quite a bit about it, too, during her after-night-bath nursing session I would remind her that nummies were going to go to sleep too and she would nurse in the morning. That's not total weaning but night weaning really did help me.
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    Default Re: I need to wean my 2 yr old now!!

    Considering I am at work on a short break, I did not take the time to read everyone's responses so sorry if this is a repeat!

    Pinkbusybee, I am in a VERY similar situation as yours with the going to sleep nursing and frequent night wakings. I am NOT saying this is your child, but with my 2-yr old DD it was largely due to undertreated reflux (that is now being treated and she only wakes 1-2 times versus up to 6 times a night) AND the docs are also suggesting that my DD might have what is called Sensory Integration Disorder that is disturbing her sleep patterns (i.e. if the blankets get on her feet or the sheet bunches up too much she kinda freaks out because it "feels funny"). BUT, what I am suggesting is finding a way to get him to like his room and want to sleep there...when we put DD's "toddler" room together we made a big deal about her being a big girl and I started nursing her down in there at night (instead of my room where the TV is, which is nice for me to pass the time) but NOW when she starts to sir it is between 11 pm and 2 am instead of EVERY 10 minutes. It took time, but she now can stir, wake up a little and go back to sleep on her own! With that being said, we can still have rough nights when she is congested or teething, but for the most part, our sleep has improved so much now that she is out of our bed for at least half the night. My rule is if she wakes before 11 pm (usually when I am still awake), I nurse her back down in her bed or rub/hold her until she falls back to sleep. Anytime after 11 pm (but I try to shoot for 1 am), I bring her in to bed with us because I am still BFing her due to feeding issues as a result of the reflux.

    Long and short, you have to find what works for you and your family. It does take effort, time and patience but it will work itself out! You just need to do SOMETHING to get more sleep. Two years sleep deprived was NOT working for us any longer! Best of luck!!!

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