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Thread: need some advice - changes on behaviour

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    Default need some advice - changes on behaviour

    Hi mama's,

    hope everyone is doing well.

    my dd is 10 months now and i have noticed in the last week or two really different changes.

    1. she is dropping her morning nap which i think i read at this time is normal.. She still seems so tired when she used to have her morning nap but just isnt able to go to sleep... should i try harder to get her to sleep cos she is so tired? or is this how they drop their naps? i normally wear her in an ergo and nurse her to sleep or rock

    2. her poo is now in pieces (still squishy and soft) i understand that its because she is eating more solids. she night nurses and nurses before all naps.. well anyway she has been crying right before she poos. I am thinking its hurting her but i dont know what to do to make her poo softer? (i mean its already mushy) She poos now maybe 3 times a day with small pieces. should i be doing something different? (she eats trader joe's o cereal, i make sure i give her fruit and some veg every day.

    3. she seems very sensitive right now and cries when she sees something she wants. she wants to be picked up and put down straight after. she just cries more.

    anyway i know she is changing and im trying to just go with it. I just wanted to know if i should be doing things differently or something to help her be more comfortable.

    thanks for your time


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    Default Re: need some advice - changes on behavi

    1. It's a crapshoot. Some days your baby will still need that morning nap, and some days she won't. Some days you'll get it right and give her what she needs, some days you'll miss and wind up with a tired, cranky baby. Just do your best to read your baby's cues, confusing though they are, and be flexible and patient.

    2. As long as she is pooping several times a day, the problem probably isn't constipation. However, you might want to increase her consumption of whole grains, fruits and veggies, and decrease her intake of foods like cheese, white bread, white rice, apples, and bananas, which can stop a baby up.

    3. Normal. She is exercising her developing mind and ability to communicate, and that can mean an increase in crying as the baby uses cries to communicate her needs and frustrations. It's not necessarily sad crying.

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    Default Re: need some advice - changes on behavi

    2. My DS does the same thing! I don't see how it's painful if it's soft tho. Maybe pooping is still something to get used to?
    ~ Megan

    Mommy to Alex (born 2/27/11) and Katie (born 3/31/14)

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