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Thread: could all this be related?

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    Default could all this be related?

    ok i have a slightly confusing question. i`ll try to be clear and chronological.

    so last week (5 days ago) my dd had a fever, runny poop and extreme fussiness for one day which i attributed to teething since she has some new teeth coming in, although she never before had a fever from teething. then 2 days ago i had a fever, muscle pain and was feeling exhausted the entire day. so maybe we both caught a bug? then the fever went away but i wasn`t feeling all that great and this morning woke up with a swollen and painful right breast and frequent stabbing pains to the right side of the head which were almost immobilizing. now im wondering if this could all be a sign of some infection in the breast??

    i had dd nurse multiple times from the affected breast and it still hurts when touched (like a bruise) but im feeling slightly better, the headache has subsided. any thoughts on all this? if it gets any worse i will see a doctor but i am overseas right now and insurance situation is complicated...
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    get back into bed w/ the baby! IMO You are coming down w/ mastitis. Nurse frequently on the affected breast. drink plenty of fluids. if you are feeling too ill to take care of the baby, get help and tell a doctor.
    Some moms need to take anti-biotics in order to overcome mastitis.
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