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Thread: What do they call it?

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    Joe says "mama milkies" except that he doesn't say "milky" very well, so it comes out as "mama gulkies."

    this makes me laugh as my two year old calls milk "gaulk" i thought he was the only one
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    These are so cute!
    My daughter (2 and 1/2 years) calls it "Ninny"... Sometimes I get scared. She growls "ninny" if I don't give it to her soon enough.
    My son hasn't came up w/ a word yet. I'm sure it will be the same thing. (My whole family calls it "ninny", even when I was a non-nursing toddler, that's what I called it when my little sisters nursed)
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    I've been half-heartedly going back and forth between just "nursing" and "num-nums". But she usually just sais "muh muh muh muh muh muh" and then rubbing her face on my cleavage and trying to lift my shirt up until I finally help her out.
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    Max says mamas meeeeelkies! pwease! and when he's really tired he just says meeelkies and buries his head in my chest.

    These are so cute!! Mommal, da puppoo?!
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    DS calls for "nah-nahs." When I pick him up at daycare, he's grabbing at my shirt and yelling "NAH-NAH," but since toddler nursing is pretty much unheard-of in that world, everyone assumes he's saying "mama."

    ETA: Oh, and for whatever it's worth, DH calls it "num-a-nahs."
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    My LO has added to her request habits.... we typically nurse in a recliner with a specific pillow under her head. Now when she wants to breastfeed she;
    1) brings me the pillow,
    2) runs over to the reclinder and pats her little hand on the seat while making eye contact with me,
    3) and says "mee?"

    So, so, so cute!
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