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Thread: How do Nepali women do it?!?

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    Default How do Nepali women do it?!?

    Just reading about some amazing Nepali women who basically are back working in the fields two weeks after birth taking their baby with them and breastfeeding on the job.


    Does our lifestyle make going back to work any easier? I can't work it out.

    What d'you reckon

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    Default Re: How do Nepali women do it?!?

    I could have done it with my first babies. And physically, I was back to myself within days with the last one (heck, i cooked dinner that night!) but the pumping and trying to feed him with his birth defect was the issue. I did take one baby to work with me, but he was an easy baby.

    I think if our society allowed women to rest for that 2 weeks and welcomed babies at work and let mothers care for their children as needed and more baby wearing went on, we could do that too. I think what complicates the issue is the mother-baby separation.
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    Default Re: How do Nepali women do it?!?

    with the PP! I think our very clock-oriented and solitary lives also fight against our ability to make it all work. We can't sleep in just because the baby was up all night, because we have to be at work on time. We can't grab a nap in the middle of the day. And we can't walk down the road and dump the baby on grandma or a helpful neighbor, certainly not without bottles and pumping. Whereas in other cultures grandma or the neighbor might well be nursing her own children, and be more than able to cross-nurse your baby.

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    Default Re: How do Nepali women do it?!?

    I wish I could take my baby to work! I just have an office job and could defintiely do it. I would work ALLLLL day if I could have my baby here.
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    Default Re: How do Nepali women do it?!?

    i bet if the babies were welcome at work (and of course this wouldn't make sense for a lot of jobs) many women could definitely work and care for baby at the same time and still do a good job at both, especially if they excelled at multitasking of course, there's usually more than one kid though right?
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    Default Re: How do Nepali women do it?!?

    i mentioned wishing i could bring my baby to work and someone told me they listened to a mom lecture at a university while wearing her baby

    i think its odd to separate us, i would get so much done and be less agitated and anxious if i could be with my lo.

    i think the separation really does create problems.

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    Default Re: How do Nepali women do it?!?

    I don't think so. I can't imagine doing a good job or being able to focus on anything but my baby. I think the wearing the baby probably helps in the field because they sleep while you are in motion. Which is all day if you are a field worker. But bringing your baby to an office job sounds like a disaster waiting to happen.

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    Default Re: How do Nepali women do it?!?

    After having twins I felt like I got run over my truck. Looking back I probably could have run a marathon (and I don't run) after my first, but at the time I thought it was pretty rough!
    Long labors and long pushing really drained me, I am in awe of women (some of you) who could walk out of the hospital the same day.
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    Default Re: How do Nepali women do it?!?

    I think it depends on what you HAVE to do. My DH couldn't find a job after he graduated(6 days after DS was born)...I HAD to go back to work. Granted, I took Shiloh with me and didn't have to pump. But I went back 10 days post-partum and watched my friend's triplets and my newborn. And everyone was like, "how do you do it"?? I dunno, I just did because I HAD to!
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    Default Re: How do Nepali women do it?!?

    I could have done it easily with DD who was a textbook newborn. And the birth went great. But with DS (my boss and I had actually discussed going back earlier with the baby) there was no way in heck. He was never still or quiet. Never. Never napped. He was active and alert from day one.
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