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Thread: Breastfeeding loosing A LOT of weight.

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    Default Breastfeeding loosing A LOT of weight.

    I am 5'7" normally 105-110 lbs. I gained about 37-40 lbs with my little girl. I lost it all almost immediately...no joke, not exaggerating. I had a tiny belly for about 2 weeks just because my uterus was still shrinking. When I went back to the Dr after 6 weeks I was below my pre-pregnancy weight and now I KNOW I m even lower. All of my pants that normally fit snug are baggy, I'm having to pull my pants up constantly, and people are actually saying things to me like "you need to eat!" And I do eat. I drink ensure, I don't always eats very healthy and I'm NOT, nor have I ever, been on a diet. I don't know what to do. I don't want to get huge but I would like to gain a few pounds. I am breastfeeding exclusively and pumping when I'm at work. My little girl is 3.5 months so we're not on any kind of solids yet.

    I know some of you are probably thinking "omg...complaining about being too skinny?" But sometimes hearing that all the time is as bad as being told you're fat. My next apt with my OB isn't until January.

    Any tips or thoughts??

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding loosing A LOT of weigh

    Try to eat foods that have a lot of calories, like peanut butter. If you think something may be wrong I'm sure you could call and ask for an earlier appt. Don't worry about what other people say about it, health and weight are not the same thing. Being skinny doesn't equal being healthy.

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding loosing A LOT of weigh

    My DD is 9 months old and I am currently 10 lbs. under my prepregnancy weight. My lowest was ~105 lbs. and now I am up to ~115lbs. I would like to gradually put on ~10 more lbs. through healthy eating and exercise. I find that I really have to be mindful of what and how much I'm eating. I don't really keep a food journal, but what has helped me is having healthy, high-calorie snacks readily available. For example, I have a medium sized glass container full of raw almonds by the computer and my nightstand and munch on them throughout the day(and through the night in the first few months). I can tell by how I feel at the end of the day whether I skimped out on the almonds or ate a decent amount.
    I also recently made the switch from fat-free milk to whole milk. I sometimes snack on PB sandwiches. If you're into smoothies, using full fat yogurt, avocado, and/or nut butters may help as well. Adding avocado to rice, soups, etc, may help you. I have also upped my protein for lunch/dinner by just eating more meat/beans.
    When I'm pressed for time or am sick, I like Clif protein bars, chocolate milk, and cereal w/whole milk.
    Hope this helps!

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding loosing A LOT of weigh

    I had the same problem with both of my kiddos. It came down to eating much more frequently than I expected to. Eating 5-6 meals a day instead of 3. Drinking Ensure is good, so long as it is a beverage with a meal and not the meal itself. Keep a snack by the bed and/or eat right before sleep.

    With this next baby, I am assuming that the bf weight loss will take me down to something close to my normal (since I was about 25 lbs overweight when we conceived), but with the other two, it put me seriously underweight. It will not be permanent. Take care of yourself, eat well, rest as much as you can, and just have faith that this is one more of those "phases".

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding loosing A LOT of weigh

    At my 6-week postpartum check-up, I was also already below my pre-pregnancy weight. I had gained 25 pounds during pregnancy and was always very thin. Now, I'm underweight by about 10 pounds, and I've just resigned myself that I probably won't be able to put on weight until DS has weaned or is down to less feedings per day (he's 14.5 months now). I agree with the advice about nut butters and avocado; I do A LOT of protein shakes because they are quick and easy and can pack a lot of nutrition and calories into a liquid meal/snack if you put a lot of good stuff in them. I lost too much weight partially because I had to be on an elimination diet for a few months because of DS's food sensitivies and also because I had surgery over the summer for a birth injury and had to be on a liquid and then very restricted diet after that. But now I can eat normally again, and I still don't put on weight if I eat regular calorie intake. It's not unhealthy necessarily unless you are frankly not getting enough of varied foods and good calories. I have a tendency to skip eating though if we're having a busy day and are out a lot, so protein shakes and protein bars are good for when you're on the go and need to eat when out to keep those calories up!

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    Default Re: Breastfeeding loosing A LOT of weigh

    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*kase1025 View Post
    I know some of you are probably thinking "omg...complaining about being too skinny?" But sometimes hearing that all the time is as bad as being told you're fat.
    I know, especially when people assume you have an eating disorder and are underweight "on purpose". Oh well. I actually think I look so much worse when I'm too skinny.

    I agree with Teal's suggestion of eating many meals a day. I never go longer than 2 or 3 hours without eating something. And not just a little snack... it has to be something substantial like a sandwich, a hearty salad, cereal and fruit etc. Just an apple here and there is not enough for me!

    The avocado suggestion is great. I use it as a spread and add it to everything. Olive oil is also excellent for this purpose: lots of calories in a small amount, and it's a healthy fat. I use it liberally when cooking, roasting vegetables, making salad dressings, and I drizzle it over soup, rice, and other foods.

    Nut bars are a handy way to add protein and calories throughout the day. I love sesame halva. It has an insane amount of calories! I think they even make it covered in chocolate. Coconut bars are also good for this, and there are lots of yummy flavors now.

    Like kgr1976, I've had extra trouble because of an elimination diet, so I unfortunately I can't eat the handiest energetic foods like nuts, cheese, protein bars etc... I make up for it with lots of protein (Egg Beaters omelets are quick to make and filling), rice, and legumes. I got into the habit of adding honey to my tea and have started eating fruit jams again. And in a pinch... even potato chips!...
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